Thursday, May 7, 2009

Deja Vu

I know I have already shown this outfit, but Abby's top was too big for a top...too small for a dress. So I gave it to Reese and made another one for Abby. This time I took out 4 inches of length and I think it's perfect. And of course I like them to match anyways...but it is so much more fun to only make one of something I have found.
Another project that I have been working on is making some tags for my clothes so that they look more finished. I hate the store bought generic ones and got an idea from one I saw on ready made wear that is from a small company. I used this tutorial to design it, which actually took me a while. I put it on T-shirt iron on sheets for the ink jet printer. I had to mirror image it so that it would face forward after I ironed it on. I plan to put it on inch wide ribbon but couldn't wait to try it out. This tester is on a piece of selvage that I serged one edge. Dena helped me with the name..she is so good with words! Thanks to Darby and Dena for the inspiration!

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Mari said...

I love the name you chose! Thae tags look great!

Cheri said...

Both of their outfits are so cute- I love the fabric and especially the neckline of Abby's top.
Very cute name and the tags look great!

Tommy, Erica, and Addie Kate said...

Precious! You do so well! You need to start a little online business!

I made my first jon jon this week - that was a new challenge! I'm taking my first bishop class next week and Mary De the week after!

LOVE the labels. I've gotten some for my mom but yours are precious. Thanks for the links!

And I love how you used the top you made for Abby for a dress for Reese - great idea! I guess in that sense it's nice to have 2!

Melissa said...

Wow! Those labels are AWESOME!!!! Let me know when you are ready to sew for my boys! I will pay too :) Your sewing rocks!

Susie said...

Yeah! I hope to see lots of Wright Wear in my closet! Those are super cute and great for you. Now, can you add the size? hmmmm