Saturday, May 23, 2009

End of the Year

This Thursday was the girls' preschool end of the year festival. It was yucky weather outside and I was surprised not to see any one or any jump castles when I got there....that's because they had cleared out the children's chapel and blew up the castles inside! It was tons of fun.Here is the little eating area in the chapel...lunch was done by the time I got the picture. It was so cute.This is cute little Lainey, Reese's partner in crime in K2. They are precious together. Reese happened to be in time out (imagine that) and Lainey have her the biggest, sweetest hug to console her.
This is Sam, Abby's buddy. She dragged him around all morning introducing him to everyone. Here's the official intro with Daddy. She is just smitten. Someday this won't be nearly as fun.

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Mari said...

What a fun time! Friends and bounce houses - couldn't be much better!