Friday, May 15, 2009

Here's my latest project...cute little burmuda shorts. It's hard to see from the busy fabric but these have a lot of detail and are so cute. The pattern is Favorite Things' "Little Smartie Pants." It was a very fun project and the first time I ever put side seam pockets in before. The directions were really clear and easy to follow. It does run a little big, I think. Abby really could have worn a three, but she is a little skinny mini!
There may not be any fun projects for a few days, I finally took my serger in for a cleaning. I am certain that it needed it because I bought it used and have never serviced it myself. I will be doing lots of cleaning this weekend and will post some pics of the new paint around the house as soon as I get it presentable again. Maybe I will do a bunch of cutting this weekend and when I get the serger back I can zip them all together!

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Mari said...

Those are cute shorts. Your kids will be the best dressed around!

Terri said...

Those are so cute. Abby is really starting to look older - how did that happen?