Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Muffins for Mom

Friday was Muffins for Mom at Reese's school and that is always such a treat. Reese was so excited to show me the crafts that I made for her and to snack on mini muffins. Her class mates were precious and she has a few cute friends that I met.

After school we went to Taget to do some errands and came home with this gaudy princess pool that the girls had to have. They had the best time and we had some sweet friends come over to break it in with us. Reese likes to kiss the princesses on the "mirrors" which was precious.

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julie said...

If she isn't the cutest, I don't know who is :) Gosh, I want those curls!!
That pool looks pretty dang cool to me too!!
Hope all is well - Julie