Monday, June 29, 2009

Boat Fun with Daddy

Saturday afternoon we took the boat out for a successful trip to the beach. The weather was absolutly perfect and under my canopy beach chair it was even better! Some fun friends even met us there in the afternoon, we might have to do that again soon! Although I was so worn out I was ready for bed as soon as the girls were down. And that means no sewing! YIKES. I made up for it sewing until 2 am Sunday night.

In case you're wondering what's up with the ginormous bows at the beach ( and pool and waterpark) it's a tip I learned from a sage mom recently. Not only do they look super cute...It helps me find them quickly when I realize I don't know where they are! The bright colors are easy to spot in a crowd or on the beach. It is my new favorite mommy trick.
In our town this week they had this super cool boat parade thing with tall ships. The girls loved looking at the pirate ships.

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Mari said...

I love the bow idea. They look cute and are easy to spot - perfect!

Dena said...

What fun! the tall ships do look very cool!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh it looks sooooo fun!! I am shivering here in the cold and your photos have made me start dreaming of summer! Your scripture in the side bar has really spoken to me today too - so thanks =]