Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Fun

We have been having sooooo much Summer Fun! The girls are at a fantastic age this year and we can go do so many fun things together. Honestly though, it exhausts me. I am a bit of a homebody and would be fine with staying in the ac all day. I guess I will have plenty of time to do that one day when they are too cool to hang out with their mama!
We went to the water park finally. We have Summer passes but haven't had time to go because of the swim lessons. It was fantastic...the girls can play and do the kiddie water slide while I am on a lawn chair if I want....but of course I want to play some too! I hope we get to go a lot this Summer.
We went to the beach last week too...our tans are pretty good at this point! Kane came home with the coolest beach chairs for us too. They are backpacks and they have a fold up canopy which is perfect for snack time. They are pretty much the if he could bring home a rolling cooler!
Abby had vacation Bible school this week. She did much better than last year when we didn't even bother going the last day. This time I requested for her friends to be in her class and Sam even ended up in her class. She love one of her counselors, a teenage girl. It was great to get some stuff done this week and spend some time with Reese too! Tuesday we went to the movies. I can't believe how much freedom having only one kid was. When school starts in the Fall I am going to be totally spoiled...but for now I'll stick to Summer fun.

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Mari said...

I love the grass skirts and leis! Looks like your are doing a good job of enjoying these days with your girls! Abby is not only tan, but it looks like her hair is bleaching a bit too - very cute!

Dena said...

those chairs do look uber cool and we may need to go to the water park with y'all!!!