Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Too...MUCH...Summer...Fun. HELP!!!

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We have been having a whirlwind of a beginning to Summer! Parties and water slides and swim lessons, OH MY! I have even resorted to doing my book work at night (instead of sewing? Shut yo' mouth!) to make more time for big fun. We had THREE water slide birthday parties last week! Each one was more fun than we could stand. We started swim lessons this week and Abby is doing great, swimming (and jumping) to the instructor. Reese had a private lesson today because she's too young for Abby's "Porpoise Pups." She did great too, the instructor called her "fearless" which leads me to believe that she needs more lessons... The class is at the local country club and many of our friends are going too...let's just say that we arrive early, and stay a little late! The lawn chairs surrounding the baby pool may be my new favorite hangout in town! We are well on our ways to great tans (actually Reese is beginning to look like she may be the spawn of our mail man, but trust me...she's not!) and having a blast. I hope this continues...and I hope I find some where to squeeze in my sewing!

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Mari said...

Those are great swimming shots. The inflatable pool is awesome!

The LaBouffs said...

I want one of those water slides!

Dena said...

That slide is AWESOME! y'all have had a very very busy week!!!

Terri said...

Gotta love summer and all its fun!