Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Princess Tea at the Museum

Today we went on an outing with my mom to the local Museum. They were having a Princess Party and she scored us tickets! It was sooooo much fun, not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning while Daddy is fishing! All the little princesses wore they're finest gowns and accessories...and we have no shortage of gowns in this house! We discussed wardrobe choices all week and I found the matching shoes that were hiding all over the house and mended the torn hems in preparation too.

We met Cinderella...

Decorated our own cupcakes and had "tea"...

Decorated wands, crowns and goblets...

And played for a bit in the museum's Kid Room upstairs. It was a super fun princess-y day! And then we came home and got our beauty rest! Or at least Reese and I did, Abby tried but was unsuccessful. She played with her magnetic dress up dolls instead. She is growing up so fast and I am so proud of how she has been entertaining herself lately. It is not usually charateristic of Abby at all, she is a people person through and through.
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Fall Plans, some smocking and a nightie

Here are a few treasures from my shopping trip to Mary Jo's...
The floral on the left will be a peasant top of some sorts with the green cord as some ruffle pants. The large green floral on the right will be a reverse Mary De top with the small brown floral as pants and accent. Neither of those were planned purchases, I just love the fabric and had to have it.

This blue mini dot I have planned to make bishop tops and pants outfits. Originally I went looking for some blue chambray to smock some pigs on but they did not have any. I decided on this instead. Now, Reese loves pigs, which is why I picked this in the first place but Abby said "Pigs? YUCK." So, now I need to think of something different to smock on Abby's...I guess she is getting a little old for piggies. I am so sad, she will be 5 in September! It is fast approaching. She asked for crowns but she already has a blue gingham dress with crowns so I am thinking no on that one. We'll see I guess!
This gingham I got plenty of, it was a good price. Some of it I will use for jon jon lining. I also will make brown dresses with pumpkin appliques and on the navy one I want to make Reese a Tiger applique something...her class is called the Tigers this year. The orange dot I got for appliques...don't you just love polka dots? They are definitely my fave pattern I think.

This candy corn bishop is what I have been working on in the last week, two of them actually. I have not been in the mood to sew at all. I guess because Summer sewing is done and I'm just not in the mood for Fall yet. Or, maybe because I have been extra tired lately...or maybe stress at work. I am not sure, but I have been in the mood to smock. So I will get that out of the way I guess. The girls only have so much time before they refuse a smocked dress so I may as well do it now! I am very lucky that my girls like to dress prissy and will wear whatever I put on them. Abby actually prefers a dress, her pants rarely get worn. I am headed to the beach with some friends next weekend so I plan to pleat several things to take with me to smock.

While I haven't felt like sewing, I did manage a little. Recently I got some cute tea party fabric to make the girls jammies out of. Of course I told them my plan which meant Abby asked me about them everyday. I made Reese's first because she likes pants to sleep in and those are easy. I made them at a little sewing playdate we had. Then I didn't want to do Abby's. I had to force myself one evening. She prefers gowns and I had an old pattern of my grandmas that I wanted to try because it reminded me of this Ragsland top I thought I might make for Fall.
It wasn't too hard, I did have to adjust the pattern because it starts at a 5 and looked a little big. Well, Abby loves it, of course. I can definitely see why Ragsland calls it the "Bertha" top, hehehe. It is a mumu, just huge.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Yesterday I went on a road trip to Mary Jo's Cloth shop. It was my first time going and we left early because it was several hours away. It was amazing and absolutely HUGE! I never would have imagined how much fabric would be there! We shopped until it closed, of course I did get a little drained in the middle of the day. We checked out what we had and had a coke in the car to rejuvenate! The caffeine helped me think and I got a lot done after that. We had so much fun and stocked up on lots of things for Fall and for "orders" that I have for a few people. We even ate at the cheesecake factory on the way home...yum!
Leslie Wright

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Boat Bean Bag Cover

There is a mysterious phenomenon in this area where the husbands buy boats for "family fun," when what they really want is an EXCUSE to buy a fishing boat. So what we Southern gals often end up with is a pretty "family boat" with NO SEATS!!! To combat this argument the men folk conspire to get us women and children what is known as the "marine bean bag." It's just a bean bag...and let me tell you that they are not comfortable.

They are vinyl, and so they get hot, sticky and sandy. Towels can be laid on them but they do not stay put at all, especially for squirmy children. So I had a vision of a solution...and made one. Here's how I did it.

I took two beach towels and made a T out of them. I pinned the top together and worked towards the right. I kept pinning and rounded the corners.

Then I had what looked like a huge messenger bag. That left, third side of the horizontal beach towel was still open. I took half of each of that left side and rounded the opening corner and pinned that too...

Until I had one un-pinned area the width of the towel and 8 inches long.

Next I sewed all the pinned areas together. Make sure your stitch length is set at 3 or more, consult your manual for sewing on heavy woven fabrics for the settings. When you go over very think areas (like corners) go very slowly to avoid breaking a needle. I also reinforced the beginning and end several time to give the opening support for when you shove the bag in.

When the stitching is finished, you end up with a cube like bag with one end open.

I then attached wide Velcro to the opening. It's 2 inches wide and I got the kind without the sticky back because I think it junks up the needle. I put the scratchy side on the inside of the flap and the soft side on the outside of the bag about ten inches down so it will fit more snugly.

Put the bean bag inside, velcro shut Et Voila! No more hot, sticky bean bag rides. Plus I can toss it in the wash after a trip and have a nice clean place for us to sit on the next trip! Can't wait to try this out!

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Seersucker

I just finished a super fun sibling/cousin set for some friends last night. I think it's the last of my Summer seersucker sewing! I love this fabric with the sailboats embroidered on it, it is cute! I will say, though, that at times it calls for some creative pattern cutting to allow for monograms and to cut piping out of it too.This is Children's Corner "Johnny," it's a basic jon jon that allows for a smocking insert or not. This particular cut has a high neck and wide straps which should work nicely for the narrow twins I made it for. This is Creation's by Michie' "Sunsuit/Sundress." I really enjoyed putting this one together, it is so cute and goes together very well. I will definately use this pattern again for baby gifts maybe.
This is the older boy outfit, just simple shorts and an appliqued T. If I had a boy, he would have a zillion shorts...they are very quick to put together.This cute sundress is for the only girl in the bunch. It is Creations by Michie' "A-line Dress" This was not bad to put together and I liked the little collar, It looked sailor-y for the theme of the fabric. It's hard to tell from the picture and all the stripes but it has a pleat on each side of the button area, it also has a box pleat in the back. I thought the directions were very clear and the collar is precious...can't wait to see it on! It just needs buttons and it will be ready!

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Makeover and a Fun Frock

Shameful isn't it?! My poor ironing board is totally embarrassing when friends come over to sew. Fixing/replacing it has been on my to do list for quite some time now. Yesterday, Kane took the girls to the pool for a little while and I decided to go for it and do something for me with my time! After all I had ALL night to sew for the girls and I have been sewing for other people all week. My "in box" is finally empty!...or at least it was yesterday.I totally went the easy way because it's a cheapy board from Wal-Mart. First I ironed some scrap fusible fleece right on top of the bunk cover. The original padding was very thin foam and it was worn out and had a few holes.I trimmed around the fleece and tried to iron down the sides a bit. Then I lay the fabric on top and cut the basic shape out. I tucked the raw edges of the fabric inside the old cover and stapled the edges at various intervals to just secure it a bit.
ET VOILA! A gorgeous and non-embarrassing (NO SEW!!!) ironing board make over. I love made me want to sew....
So I made THIS! Two of them actually. This is Portabella Pixie's "Gracie" pattern. I just love how it turned out, the girls were so cute today in their new duds! I have been wanting to make this cute pattern for a while and I bought these fabrics specifically for the pattern, except for the polka dot. That was a last minute addition and it still needs a big funky button for the pocket. The PP Gracie pattern was very clear with beautiful pictures and illustrations. It is a pricey pattern, $16 but has sizes up to an 8 and has 4 styles included in the pattern. I am sure I will use this a lot and get my money's worth. I already have the fabric for this exact style in a primary color, first day of school dress. I think this is a great intermediate pattern, but I will say that a lot of the directions are stated in the introduction/general sewing directions at the beginning of the book. If a beginner were sewing this they may not remember to clip the curves or press the seams open, or may not even realize the need! These steps are left out of the actual directions for the dress. Aside from that, I loved making these and really had fun with the soft, funky material! I am so burnt out over pique...

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