Thursday, July 9, 2009

Boat Bean Bag Cover

There is a mysterious phenomenon in this area where the husbands buy boats for "family fun," when what they really want is an EXCUSE to buy a fishing boat. So what we Southern gals often end up with is a pretty "family boat" with NO SEATS!!! To combat this argument the men folk conspire to get us women and children what is known as the "marine bean bag." It's just a bean bag...and let me tell you that they are not comfortable.

They are vinyl, and so they get hot, sticky and sandy. Towels can be laid on them but they do not stay put at all, especially for squirmy children. So I had a vision of a solution...and made one. Here's how I did it.

I took two beach towels and made a T out of them. I pinned the top together and worked towards the right. I kept pinning and rounded the corners.

Then I had what looked like a huge messenger bag. That left, third side of the horizontal beach towel was still open. I took half of each of that left side and rounded the opening corner and pinned that too...

Until I had one un-pinned area the width of the towel and 8 inches long.

Next I sewed all the pinned areas together. Make sure your stitch length is set at 3 or more, consult your manual for sewing on heavy woven fabrics for the settings. When you go over very think areas (like corners) go very slowly to avoid breaking a needle. I also reinforced the beginning and end several time to give the opening support for when you shove the bag in.

When the stitching is finished, you end up with a cube like bag with one end open.

I then attached wide Velcro to the opening. It's 2 inches wide and I got the kind without the sticky back because I think it junks up the needle. I put the scratchy side on the inside of the flap and the soft side on the outside of the bag about ten inches down so it will fit more snugly.

Put the bean bag inside, velcro shut Et Voila! No more hot, sticky bean bag rides. Plus I can toss it in the wash after a trip and have a nice clean place for us to sit on the next trip! Can't wait to try this out!

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Mari said...

Your whole post made me laugh! Those men are something!
Great idea for the bean bag cover though.

Tommy, Erica, and Addie Kate said...

Love it! I just had to laugh! I am about to die for a boat, but I'll make sure ours has seats! If not, I'll know what to do!

Cheri said...

You are brilliant. I love the fabric you picked for it too!