Friday, July 24, 2009

Fall Plans, some smocking and a nightie

Here are a few treasures from my shopping trip to Mary Jo's...
The floral on the left will be a peasant top of some sorts with the green cord as some ruffle pants. The large green floral on the right will be a reverse Mary De top with the small brown floral as pants and accent. Neither of those were planned purchases, I just love the fabric and had to have it.

This blue mini dot I have planned to make bishop tops and pants outfits. Originally I went looking for some blue chambray to smock some pigs on but they did not have any. I decided on this instead. Now, Reese loves pigs, which is why I picked this in the first place but Abby said "Pigs? YUCK." So, now I need to think of something different to smock on Abby's...I guess she is getting a little old for piggies. I am so sad, she will be 5 in September! It is fast approaching. She asked for crowns but she already has a blue gingham dress with crowns so I am thinking no on that one. We'll see I guess!
This gingham I got plenty of, it was a good price. Some of it I will use for jon jon lining. I also will make brown dresses with pumpkin appliques and on the navy one I want to make Reese a Tiger applique something...her class is called the Tigers this year. The orange dot I got for appliques...don't you just love polka dots? They are definitely my fave pattern I think.

This candy corn bishop is what I have been working on in the last week, two of them actually. I have not been in the mood to sew at all. I guess because Summer sewing is done and I'm just not in the mood for Fall yet. Or, maybe because I have been extra tired lately...or maybe stress at work. I am not sure, but I have been in the mood to smock. So I will get that out of the way I guess. The girls only have so much time before they refuse a smocked dress so I may as well do it now! I am very lucky that my girls like to dress prissy and will wear whatever I put on them. Abby actually prefers a dress, her pants rarely get worn. I am headed to the beach with some friends next weekend so I plan to pleat several things to take with me to smock.

While I haven't felt like sewing, I did manage a little. Recently I got some cute tea party fabric to make the girls jammies out of. Of course I told them my plan which meant Abby asked me about them everyday. I made Reese's first because she likes pants to sleep in and those are easy. I made them at a little sewing playdate we had. Then I didn't want to do Abby's. I had to force myself one evening. She prefers gowns and I had an old pattern of my grandmas that I wanted to try because it reminded me of this Ragsland top I thought I might make for Fall.
It wasn't too hard, I did have to adjust the pattern because it starts at a 5 and looked a little big. Well, Abby loves it, of course. I can definitely see why Ragsland calls it the "Bertha" top, hehehe. It is a mumu, just huge.

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Tommy, Erica, and Addie Kate said...

That candy corn bishop is the EXACT one I made for my class, that was my first bishop! I will have to get myself to Summerville to show you, and have your sweet girls wearing it with my girl! So funny! What will we do without Creative Needle? I've been looking in ALL the old ones, making fall plans, and I think I'm going to get to go to Mary Jo's next weekend.

Tommy, Erica, and Addie Kate said...

Just looked back at your smocking- it is SO good. Nix that idea about me showing you mine!