Friday, August 14, 2009

A Day Care Pillow

Isn't that cute! I want one in my size for sure! My sweet friend needed a cute cover for her child's pillow as she goes to child care for the first time next month. She had a travel target pillow and I made the case. She wanted it to have a hidden envelope end so that Margaret couldn't shake the pillow out (she's a saucy little one like my Reeser!)

I was perplexed by the envelope end so I sat down to sketch and think it through. I tested on some scrap and it work great, I couldn't wait to get started and made it that very night...late! I started by cutting it out and then thought I would go ahead and monogram it...then I just had to finish it! I may do a tutorial on how to do it soon, it would be great for any child's pillow or an adult travel pillow too.

I hope it's very snuggly for her!

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Mari said...

It is just adorable! The monogram adds just the right finishing touch!

Cheri said...

That is AWESOME!!!!

Dena said...

I want one too!

Don't feel bad I JUST blogged DORA!