Friday, August 21, 2009

I have been doing a ton of appliqued tshirts lately...a ton. They are so much fun and so quick on a wal-mart $3 shirt! This is a fabric from my Mary Jo trip and it has a coordinating fabric for a more complex winter top. I thought with the t shirt she can go ahead and wear it back to school, especially with this cute back pack applique!

I have been working all week on perfecting "flat front pants," where the elastic is only in the back. I haven't seen a pattern for these but I have perfected and LOVE them!

I am finally in the mood for sewing again, as fall in on the horizon...figuratively speaking of course. It doesn't feel like Fall here until Novemberish. So, for the last @ weeks I have been sewing and embroidering up a storm. I have been sewing for money a good bit too. I am saving all of the procedes for spending money at Disney World, I am going to sew as much as possible and we'll see how much I can save in 3 months!

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