Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Maja's Heirlooms' Jordan

I just finished this last night, I have been working on it for what seems like forever. That is because I made THREE of them simultaneously. These are for some pint size Wofford fans. I used black chambray, which smocks beautifully, actually.

The pattern was very easy to follow and it calls for you to completely assemble it before you smock...which I did not. It is nice to have the option though. I thought the placket instructions left a little to be desired and I figured it out on one but then could not get it right on the other two. So I just winged them and they turned out just fine.

One thing the pattern did leave out was seam finishing, I serged all of my edges but it was a little difficult around the placket. It would be best to serge the edges before you assemble the placket area and then zig zag any that were missed after you're done. I would also backsmock tightly because when you take the pleating threads out it stretches out a little. I went back and added one extra row of backsmocking where the trellises were on the bottom to hold the box shape more.

The pattern also called for snap tape which is how you finish the legs...I don't love snap tape. When I don't have to make 3 at once, I might make a long facing tab on the legs and use my snap setter instead for a nicer finish.
I might also need to get a child's dress form because I had to hang this on a tree! :)

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Susie said...

Won't we all look awesome! GO TERRIERS! What did we decide for William? Long sleeve white polo with black "w"? He got new J Crew khakis today and looks JUST LIKE CHRIS, hahaa!