Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sewing for Fishing Success

Two hours before the Captain's Meeting last week (also on date night YUCK!) Kane said he had shirts for me to embroider for his fishing team/buds. Reluctantly, I did so at the last minute...it gave me an excuse to use my "mega hoop" for the first time. I broke it out of the box where it has been since I brought Birdie home. It was a little intimidating and I actually thought I would never use it! It was pretty easy, The hoop had 3 positions and it tells you when it's time to change position.

Luckily I got them done...they caught this bad boy and wore them to the awards ceremony, because apparently they didn't wear them on the boat!

They won 3rd place overall and 1st place in their division. I am so proud of Kane! Fishing for fun AND bringing money home...what could be better! Now, if only he would share his portion...I was hoping for a trip to Disney but he isn't convinced. ;)

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