Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Appliqueing up a Storm!

I have really enjoyed doing appliques this year. It is very fast results, especially with my new sewing machine! Here is a cute lab that has been very popular with my girlfriends that have little boys.

This spider shirt turned out very well, I thought. It was an impromptu birthday gift that I thought twice about keeping for myself! I am in the process of making Abby a dress that's similar. I hope to show it to you soon!

I LOVE this new pumpkin that my friend Kelly designed... I think my girls need this one too! I put it on a set of reversible jon jons using the Children's Corner Johnny pattern.

The other side has this cute Santa on it.

This was the first time I made a reversible jon jon. Usually, I use a self facing to close and reinforce the crotch for snaps but couldn't do that because it would not match the reversible side. This time I ironed on a 2" strip of interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric on both front and back of crotch pieces. I did this for the punkin side and the santa side. Then I sewed it up like I would an a-line dress/jumper. Before turning it right side out, I sewed the whole bottom shut and turned it right side out. Then I sewed up the side seam like an a-line dress. I straight stitched a line on the front and back crotch flaps about an inch and a half from the edge. Lastly I added the snaps as usual. worked like a charm. This will save a lot of time for non-reversible jon jons too I think...especially the long-alls and for me because I am often making 3 of each one!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Here is some of my recent work! Even though I have been exhausted, I have managed to sew a little. Though it's been slow. This is the Tracey by Children's Corner in fuchsia corduroy. I made this sample for a friend who has started designing some appliques recently. I love them, they are very simple silhouettes that you might see in a boutique and I have used many of them lately. You will see them soon on my blog! You can see her designs at appliqueave.com.

I made this (and two just like it) for a friend of mine that I love sewing for. This is for some family portraits that are coming up. This is a blue and brown brushed twill that has a flannel feel. I used Creations by Miche's "Baby Romper" and "Toddler Romper" for the bigger ones. It is not a hard pattern, intermediate I would say. But it is not quick, at least not as quick as a jon jon.

I made two of these bishops recently, I thought they had great primary colors without being strictly back to school. I was going to leave the little mouse off, but Abby loved it so what was I going to do? The plate is by Creative Memories, I think, and this blue dot is one of the things I picked up at Mary Jo's on our big field trip.

We finally wore our Owl/Punkin dresses today for the first day of Fall. They are definitely cuter on the girls than on the hanger, thank goodness!

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Princess Abby!

Abby had so much fun at her Princess party last year...that she wanted an identical one this year! At least I didn's have to be too creative! Mimi surprised her with a new dress, it looked so pretty and she love the "glass" slippers that matched.

She insisted on sticking the candles in herself and picked out their colors too!

Her very good friend Cole insisted he dress as her prince, it was perfect!

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Thursday, September 10, 2009


We started ballet yesterday, the girls were so excited. Lot's of their friends are in their class. It is a mixture of ballet and tap, called "interpretive," which is because it is for 2-4 year olds. Abby is of course the oldest in the class but I only wanted to go once a week and not twice. If we do it again next year she will definately have to move to the elementary class, but for now it should be fine hopefully!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of school! Don't you love their apple dresses? I think they're even cuter on, I made them at camp. The are Portobella Pixie's "Gracie" pattern and Michael Miller fabric. I'm hoping they will be cute with a turtleneck too.
This morning went perfectly. They woke up at 8am and I got them ready with no tv this morning. Made cinnamon rolls and they actually ate breakfast. I had the bookbags packed and clothes and bows already laid out last night...I wish that every morning would go this smoothly! But I know that is NOT gonna be the case! Reese didn't even cry when I brushed her teeth and that maybe has NEVER happened! Hooray for school! I will say that the camera batteries were dead and I thought I wouldn't get a pic...I was just ticked. But Kane rushed the battery to the charger for a minute (literally) and I got 4 before it died again. Thankfully!
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Go Team!

What's a girl to do when purple day at kindergarten coincides with football season? This looks like a plan to me!

PS if you're interested in seeing more projects that my fellow sewers made at camp you can see them here in a slide show... ENJOY! Hope you find some inspiration to get sewing yourself!

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