Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Appliqueing up a Storm!

I have really enjoyed doing appliques this year. It is very fast results, especially with my new sewing machine! Here is a cute lab that has been very popular with my girlfriends that have little boys.

This spider shirt turned out very well, I thought. It was an impromptu birthday gift that I thought twice about keeping for myself! I am in the process of making Abby a dress that's similar. I hope to show it to you soon!

I LOVE this new pumpkin that my friend Kelly designed... I think my girls need this one too! I put it on a set of reversible jon jons using the Children's Corner Johnny pattern.

The other side has this cute Santa on it.

This was the first time I made a reversible jon jon. Usually, I use a self facing to close and reinforce the crotch for snaps but couldn't do that because it would not match the reversible side. This time I ironed on a 2" strip of interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric on both front and back of crotch pieces. I did this for the punkin side and the santa side. Then I sewed it up like I would an a-line dress/jumper. Before turning it right side out, I sewed the whole bottom shut and turned it right side out. Then I sewed up the side seam like an a-line dress. I straight stitched a line on the front and back crotch flaps about an inch and a half from the edge. Lastly I added the snaps as usual. worked like a charm. This will save a lot of time for non-reversible jon jons too I think...especially the long-alls and for me because I am often making 3 of each one!

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chelle said...

Hi Leslie,

Could you do a tutorial with the snaps I can't get it in my head. I normally use the CC Jeffrey. I have to add the fabric strip down the inside legs seams to add my snaps to right?

The Gotbeters said...

Do you want to sell some longalls and some long sleeve matching t's for my boys? if you do email me tgotbeter@gmail.com size 24 mos and 4t:)