Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of school! Don't you love their apple dresses? I think they're even cuter on, I made them at camp. The are Portobella Pixie's "Gracie" pattern and Michael Miller fabric. I'm hoping they will be cute with a turtleneck too.
This morning went perfectly. They woke up at 8am and I got them ready with no tv this morning. Made cinnamon rolls and they actually ate breakfast. I had the bookbags packed and clothes and bows already laid out last night...I wish that every morning would go this smoothly! But I know that is NOT gonna be the case! Reese didn't even cry when I brushed her teeth and that maybe has NEVER happened! Hooray for school! I will say that the camera batteries were dead and I thought I wouldn't get a pic...I was just ticked. But Kane rushed the battery to the charger for a minute (literally) and I got 4 before it died again. Thankfully!
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Mari said...

I'm so glad you got a picture. They look so sweet on their first day!

Jamie said...

They are too darn cute!!