Thursday, October 29, 2009

Punkin 1

On the hay ride with her best frienemy, Lily.

Really? Who decided black icing was a good idea for cookie decorating? Of course that's the color that Reeser chose!

Her Tiger class! I loved her t-shirt from last year, so we wore that instead. The shade of orange was a dead giveaway! Oops!

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A few months ago, I made this for Abby. It had a backpack applique. At the same time I made Reese some pants, but I messed them up. The stride was too short and so were the legs. They have sat in a pile of other rejects until this weekend. I tried to tackle some of my unfinished projects because they were quick and I have been short on time and energy. So, for these I took some scraps and made ruffles on the pant legs and made this cute T to match. I love it, she wore it right away. I got the acorn as a freebie from, they have several cute freebies. I really like the added monogram...I love adding them to most appliques when there is room.

And I do love my model! She is great for a smile..she can turn it on instantly.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl!!!

HOW CUTE are these super heroes in training!!!

Almost as cute as these super cuties who are forming an alliance to fight bad guys!

There was a face painter girls love a face painter.

The bat cave...

The birthday boy!
The justice league...waiting for the pinata...or "yata" as Reeser calls it!

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's not too late for punkins!

I was at the sewing store Friday getting some notions and spotted the cutest fat quarter of fabric that begged to become a punkin!
I think this punkin can be for Thanksgiving too, just love it! And...

We already had pants to match!

I have not had much time (or energy) to sew the last week because the girls have had lice. Unless you have dealt with it, you have no idea how time consuming this is...especially with my girls' long hair.

I did manage some quick pants and appliqued T shirt late one night for some stress relief. Abby needed some red pants to wear with her Team William shirt to school so I made Reese some to match. That way, I just need to make Abby a T and they have a matching outfit! I used the Jillian by Bonnie Blue to make the pants. LOVE that pattern!
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Friday, October 16, 2009

Go Team!

I love this helmet applique for boys this Fall. I have done a bunch of them, with monograms in the middle too.

This longall is a Children's Corner "Jeffrey", it is the baby brother outfit to go with the pants outfit below...

These pants are Bonnie Blue "Jillian," which is a girls pattern but I simply love these pants. They are slim but have boxy shaped legs that flare a tad at the bottom. They also work well to do a flat front for girls too.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Contest...

My Favorite sewing store held a Fall fashion contest this month. I entered two in the smocked category and one in the not smocked category. The main fabric for the items had to be purchased from the shop and they were hung in the shop for a week for customers to vote on. For voting, you got 15% off one item. They plan to do it again for Christmas outfits. Deadline in November 16th...if you live in the area you should really participate. It was really fun and encouraged me to get projects done that might have taken forever...and then there's the prizes! Who doesn't love a gift certificate! $75 is the first prize and there are 2nd and 3rd places too!
For the smocked category this was my entry. I used Children's Corner "Amy" pattern, the smocking plate is called "Dapper Dan" from this Summer's issue of Sew Beautiful Magazine. Of course I had to add tutus and bows on the dogs. I call it "Balle-weenies." It won 1st place! How fun is that?! I was so excited to hear the news.

For the not smocked category, this was my entry. I used Children's Corner "Lillian" pattern and Embroidery Boutiques applique design. I wanted it to be halloween-y but with longevity. I'm thinking like "Charlottes Web." The web site shows the sample with Orange outlined legs but that makes it more I used PINK! And...of course added a bow. Everything girly needs a bow for sure! This outfit also took first place! I am so proud of my dresses and can't wait for Abby to wear them.

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Monday, October 12, 2009


I am a member of my local smocking guild, a chapter of SAGA. We have a national philanthropy called Weecare, which provides tiny smocked daygowns to local hospitals. They distribute them to families who have lost an infant.

These are the tiniest little things you have ever seen, these two that I worked on this evening are for babies who weigh 1/2 pound. Can you even imagine that? They are about the width of my hand with fingers barely spread. It makes me so sad to work on them and yet brings me joy at the same time. I try to smock at least one per month, but really should do more.

Last month I got a facebook note from a friend from high school, this is what it said:

"I was working the other night and had a patient come in with a fetal demise. We dressed the baby and took photos for the family. To my surprise, there was a tag on the dress. You had made it. It was a very special thing that we were able to give this grieving mother the dress along with the photos of her little girl wearing it. I just wanted you to know how much that meant to that family and me. Thank you."

I could not believe that the gown I smocked ended up in that hospital at that exact time...for that certain nurse. I think I had only done three gowns total at that time! I was in tears, and so blessed by this note...and yet convicted that I had not done more. I smocked these two gowns that I have pictured in one evening sitting in front of the tv...surely I can do more.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some Sewing and Portrait Outfits

We went to a dear friend's farm today to have pictures taken. What a beautiful property it is, I never miss an opportunity to go...even in the rain! :) There are tons of things for the girls to do and I love to chat with my cronies amidst the oak trees.

Check out this "tree house..." is it awesome or what!!! It is complete with a trap door and twisty slide that is behind that tree. Unfortunately though, that cursed tired swing got grease on Abby's new dress...I will be working on THAT this week!

Here are some of my cutie friends, they are ready for a close up in their "Wright Wear."

Some test shots ;) I'm glad I picked blue. I was pleased with the results and cannot wait to see the proofs!

These are Mary De, by the Children's Corner. I omitted the smocking and used the lining pattern piece for the front yoke with a monogram. It has a wrap back and is super twirly, Abby's favorite style.

I simply love this's one of my fave staples for boys.

I made this reversible "Johnny" by Children's Corner for a baby gift this week. The Johnny is my favorite jon jon pattern so far; it comes in tons of sizes, has wide straps that don't fall off, can have a smocked insert and comes long or short. It is a great pattern and this project gave me a great excuse to buy the 3 month -12 month sized pattern. This is baby blue twill, I love twill after the Santa/Pumpkin outfit that I made last week. It is great to work with.

I also love this check by Fabric Finders, it comes in a pink and brown color too. I have used both with my girls, I love the weight of the fabric.

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