Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's not too late for punkins!

I was at the sewing store Friday getting some notions and spotted the cutest fat quarter of fabric that begged to become a punkin!
I think this punkin can be for Thanksgiving too, just love it! And...

We already had pants to match!

I have not had much time (or energy) to sew the last week because the girls have had lice. Unless you have dealt with it, you have no idea how time consuming this is...especially with my girls' long hair.

I did manage some quick pants and appliqued T shirt late one night for some stress relief. Abby needed some red pants to wear with her Team William shirt to school so I made Reese some to match. That way, I just need to make Abby a T and they have a matching outfit! I used the Jillian by Bonnie Blue to make the pants. LOVE that pattern!
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Mari said...

How cute is that pumpkin? And I love the monogram too!

The LaBouffs said...

So cute! Where do you find the solid t-shirts to applique? I LOVE the pumpkin! SO cute and it could definitely work for Thanksgiving too :)