Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some Sewing and Portrait Outfits

We went to a dear friend's farm today to have pictures taken. What a beautiful property it is, I never miss an opportunity to go...even in the rain! :) There are tons of things for the girls to do and I love to chat with my cronies amidst the oak trees.

Check out this "tree house..." is it awesome or what!!! It is complete with a trap door and twisty slide that is behind that tree. Unfortunately though, that cursed tired swing got grease on Abby's new dress...I will be working on THAT this week!

Here are some of my cutie friends, they are ready for a close up in their "Wright Wear."

Some test shots ;) I'm glad I picked blue. I was pleased with the results and cannot wait to see the proofs!

These are Mary De, by the Children's Corner. I omitted the smocking and used the lining pattern piece for the front yoke with a monogram. It has a wrap back and is super twirly, Abby's favorite style.

I simply love this's one of my fave staples for boys.

I made this reversible "Johnny" by Children's Corner for a baby gift this week. The Johnny is my favorite jon jon pattern so far; it comes in tons of sizes, has wide straps that don't fall off, can have a smocked insert and comes long or short. It is a great pattern and this project gave me a great excuse to buy the 3 month -12 month sized pattern. This is baby blue twill, I love twill after the Santa/Pumpkin outfit that I made last week. It is great to work with.

I also love this check by Fabric Finders, it comes in a pink and brown color too. I have used both with my girls, I love the weight of the fabric.

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Auntie Pam said...

These are darling outfits!! And darling daughters!! I use MPs Jon Jon pattern but don't like where the closure is that you turn it through since it is reversible. It is down the seam of the middle of the back. Where is it in th CC Jon Jon pattern? Great work.

Auntie Pam of So Calif

Auntie Pam said...

For got to add my e-mail so it would send me up dates.

Darby said...


Did you know i'm still reading!? :) I love that lab... wanna share him with me?? I'd gladly do a trade... email me when you get a chance!!

Tommy, Erica, and Addie Kate said...

Precious! Each outfit is gorgeous, and I especially love the blue on the girls. Great job, as always!

LeslieW. said...

Auntie Pam, the Johnny finishes the top first and turns to the right sides out. Then it has a funky way of finishing the legs. I just realized this to answer your question...because I don't read the instructions for jon jons. I finish them all the same way. I finish them mostly like the instructions for Bonnie Blue's Holly and Hunter. I finish like an a-line dress, sewing the bottom completely together and turning it through the side seam lining. Then I whip it closed if it is reversible. I hope this helps. I plan on doing a tutorial for adding the snaps of a reversible in the near future. Thanks for visiting my blog! Blessings, Leslie