Monday, October 12, 2009


I am a member of my local smocking guild, a chapter of SAGA. We have a national philanthropy called Weecare, which provides tiny smocked daygowns to local hospitals. They distribute them to families who have lost an infant.

These are the tiniest little things you have ever seen, these two that I worked on this evening are for babies who weigh 1/2 pound. Can you even imagine that? They are about the width of my hand with fingers barely spread. It makes me so sad to work on them and yet brings me joy at the same time. I try to smock at least one per month, but really should do more.

Last month I got a facebook note from a friend from high school, this is what it said:

"I was working the other night and had a patient come in with a fetal demise. We dressed the baby and took photos for the family. To my surprise, there was a tag on the dress. You had made it. It was a very special thing that we were able to give this grieving mother the dress along with the photos of her little girl wearing it. I just wanted you to know how much that meant to that family and me. Thank you."

I could not believe that the gown I smocked ended up in that hospital at that exact time...for that certain nurse. I think I had only done three gowns total at that time! I was in tears, and so blessed by this note...and yet convicted that I had not done more. I smocked these two gowns that I have pictured in one evening sitting in front of the tv...surely I can do more.

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Cheri said...

Leslie- I just have to tell you that I know first hand what it means to a parent to receive that precious gift. When I lost my twins they dressed them in home made gowns also. It is something I will never forget!
Thank you for doing this and sharing your talent with others!!

Elizabeth said...

that is so touching. i think it's great that you can use your talents in such a way that may help ease some pain with a family loss.

Auntie Pam said...

leslie, You are so fortunate to be this Angel of Blessing. We don't have any local hospitals that have NICus and the one in San Diego doesn't appear interested in something like this. Keep it up, it is such a comfort to the parents, boy or girl!!

Auntie Pam of So Calif

The Birds Nest said...

That is amazing!! I'm sure that those gowns mean so much to grieving parents...what a great cause. Keep it up!!