Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Twirly Valentine

I saw this xoxo fabric (by freestyle) in the window of the local quilt store....and I HAD to have it. I just love purple (maybe a little too much ;) ) and mixed with hugs and kisses?! The skirt pattern is Portobella Pixie "Gracie." There are four patterns in that Gracie pattern. Iv'e made one of the dresses twice. I love that pattern, it has great directions and wonderful illustrations. It is well worth the $16, as it has all the sizes 6 month through 8. The only thing I changed was the bottom red/purple layer is supposed to be gathered and I didn't have enough fabric. I like the way it turned out for this project, but next time I will gather it I think for more twirliness. Abby loved it too and couldn't wait to wear it! Luckily it has been in the high 60's for several days...the perfect weather for the new outfits.
Hopefully my official sewing hiatus is over. It's still not as fun as it was in the Fall, when I was pumping out 10 outfits a week and sewing for hire. So I will tinker and only sew for my girls until this passes. They are only young once and I want to sew for them while I can. There's plenty of time for making money sewing later, if I choose. Even though I took a month off, I have already made 8 things and 4 appliques. I think I am going to keep a running tab in the sideline this year. It will be interesting to say the least.
I have enjoyed other things during my break though...I have been reading a lot, at least 6 books this year already. Also I have been taking better care of myself and focusing more on my beauty regime that I kind of abandoned when I had the girls. I have lost weight...27 lbs since October 15 which has been very fun. I now weigh less than before I was pregnant with Abby. Like a 9 year low...and before you ask (cause I know you will) I have been counting calories which is quite easy as long as there is a good amount of self control involved. I also have been keeping the house fairly neat (I am a notorious, self proclaimed slob) and have made my bed every single day. I have made my bed more times in the last 3 months than maybe in all my 10 years of is a big deal for me! Hahah! I used to joke that the bed got made once a week...when the maid came! I just have so much energy now...I like to say that "Leslie got her groove back." ;)
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Valentine's Part Two

Isn't this paisley fabric TOO cute?! It's moda, and I love makes particularly pretty ruffles. The applique is planet applique and the pants are my old faithful Jillian by Bonnie Blue. Looooved this outfit on the girls.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Cutie Valentine

This is my first project of the New Year! It is a Valentine's outfit, but they will be wearing them past February hopefully. This pattern is Children's Corner's "Abbie" isn't that fitting?! I had never made this one before and I liked it a lot. The directions were easy to follow and it fits true to size. My local shop had tons of fun Valentine's fabric choices, so I made three sets of Valentine's outfits. Expect more in the next few days!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

A POSH Party...that's fancy for fancy!

We went to such a fun "Fancy Nancy" birthday party last weekend. It was tres chic!

The girls arrived to a personalized t shirt and chose their color of tutu. Later they picked and decorated what's that word?....oh yes, accessories!

Everything was cute and spectacular. The girls had such a great time and went home with full bellies (everything tatses better on frilly tooth picks!) and glamourous goodies!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A trip to that "Bazoo"

With no school and beautiful weather, we went on a trip to the zoo yesterday. It was a great day and the girls had so much fun, especially Reese who hadn't been to the zoo since she was two. From two to three is such a big difference. I bet she doesn't even remember going before.

We have great friends who live in Columbia, where our zoo is, so it make the trip even more fun!

Abby was especially glad to you can see! Aren't they so cute. Our kids play so well together, we rarely have to referee at all. And this is a plus when you are in a crowded zoo with six children!

Reese requested to have her picture made here...I do not know what I am going to do with this little diva. She loves to look in the mirror, have her picture made and wear make up. She is constantly putting lipstick on all day and gets upset if it gets messed up. She doesn't like any clothes that look the least bit boyish and prefers dresses always. She gives me beauty tips which is amazing and so funny. She didn't like that my nails were chipped yesterday after all my cooking and dishes on Sunday. Her suggestion? Fix them and get some "glubbs" for doing the dishes! Seriously, that's what she told me. It is next to impossible to get her out of a shoe store, as she loves high heels, especially red ones. She tries each pair on, walks around and poses for a picture in them...I will post one later. She also insists that I wear "noisy shoes" all the times and doesn't like when I wear sneakers or something that's not "noisy." She is something else! It's a good thing that I am prissy too and love all things girly, we are going to be great shopping partners!

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Hiatus

I know I haven't posted in a while, I haven't had anything good to say! No sewing, nothin'! I am still so burnt out after Fall and Christmas sewing, that was mostly for other people. I haven't wanted to sew a single stitch in weeks. Instead, I have been reading. I read American Wife, Dear John and The Help all in the last ten days...they were all very good. I did sit down and smock some wee care gowns before smocking guild Monday, did three in one day! I can't imagine not wanting to sew any more than I do right now. It's possible that I may sew only for myself and girls this Spring. It's just too much and I like to sew my girls' entire wardrobes, while I can anyway. There are so many Fall and Winter projects that didn't get done. I didn't even do one of Reese's Christmas dresses, bought the fabric and Made Abby's but just didn't want to sew any more.

I went today and bought some Valentine's Day fabrics to make some festive outfits for the girls. I do love these fabrics and I plan to to sit done and force myself to get started. I'm hoping that it will be fun and give me just the jumpstart I need. We'll see!

Here is my sad, lonely sewing corner. I actually had to clean Christmas wrapping supplies off the table to take a picture of the new fabric! I need to get back to it...

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Hunting She Will Go...

Kane took Abby "hunting" for the first time this past weekend. She has been to the rifle range with him before and loved it, so Kane has been wanting to take her to a dove hunt. He finally had the opportunity to take her and the weather was soooo cold. It was a record low I think. After driving an hour to the field it was closed. So he rushed to another field and, after receiving a speeding ticket, found a field that was open but they were the only ones there. They walked up and down the drives finding (and picking) corn and sunflowers. They found dear tracks too, which Abby loved. She had the greatest time and has no idea that it wasn't real hunting. Maybe next time it will be warmer and there will be some birds. And maybe, just maybe, he will call first to make sure they are open. :)

This is the closest to roughing it wear that we have...I thought she looked so cute. Notice the safety orange bow...we are gonna start a trend. ;)

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!!

We spent a very jolly New Year with my sister and some neighbors who are mutual friends of ours. We had such a great time and were so glad that the girls were staying at Granny's! We stayed past midnight...don't remember that last time we did that! Sadly, these are the only pictures I can share without an angry email or two! ;) We had a great time.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Day

So, somehow I didn't take enough pictures on Christmas Day...didn't think that was possible. I guess I was distracted by not having power from 9am til 1pm. It was so gloomy outside that it was dark and my mother in law had to take our dinner to her house to cook. Thank God that none of the presents had to be plugged in! All battery operated this year...and maybe for many years to come!

I made these outfits for the girls for Christmas...they were not very appreciative. I will remember that in the future before I stay up on Christmas Eve appliquing t shirts!

Surprisingly, aside fro their Santa loot, this book was the most excited they got all day.

They also love their new bikes from Mimi and PaPa. It is Reese's first bike that's not a hand me down. This made her interested enough to actually learn how to ride it...I mean, she IS three afterall!

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