Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Day

So, somehow I didn't take enough pictures on Christmas Day...didn't think that was possible. I guess I was distracted by not having power from 9am til 1pm. It was so gloomy outside that it was dark and my mother in law had to take our dinner to her house to cook. Thank God that none of the presents had to be plugged in! All battery operated this year...and maybe for many years to come!

I made these outfits for the girls for Christmas...they were not very appreciative. I will remember that in the future before I stay up on Christmas Eve appliquing t shirts!

Surprisingly, aside fro their Santa loot, this book was the most excited they got all day.

They also love their new bikes from Mimi and PaPa. It is Reese's first bike that's not a hand me down. This made her interested enough to actually learn how to ride it...I mean, she IS three afterall!

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