Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Hiatus

I know I haven't posted in a while, I haven't had anything good to say! No sewing, nothin'! I am still so burnt out after Fall and Christmas sewing, that was mostly for other people. I haven't wanted to sew a single stitch in weeks. Instead, I have been reading. I read American Wife, Dear John and The Help all in the last ten days...they were all very good. I did sit down and smock some wee care gowns before smocking guild Monday, did three in one day! I can't imagine not wanting to sew any more than I do right now. It's possible that I may sew only for myself and girls this Spring. It's just too much and I like to sew my girls' entire wardrobes, while I can anyway. There are so many Fall and Winter projects that didn't get done. I didn't even do one of Reese's Christmas dresses, bought the fabric and Made Abby's but just didn't want to sew any more.

I went today and bought some Valentine's Day fabrics to make some festive outfits for the girls. I do love these fabrics and I plan to to sit done and force myself to get started. I'm hoping that it will be fun and give me just the jumpstart I need. We'll see!

Here is my sad, lonely sewing corner. I actually had to clean Christmas wrapping supplies off the table to take a picture of the new fabric! I need to get back to it...

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Handcrafts by Heather said...

Hey there! don't get discouraged! you accomplished so much during the holidays... it is understandable to get into a funk about sewing when you have been doing it almost non stop.

enjoy the new fabrics, they look fun to play with. I am sure you will come up with fabulous embroidery and the perfect dress pattern--Can't wait to see :)


Life In Progress said...

Those fabrics are positively darling! I love them....they almost inspire me to learn to sew (almost)!

Megan said...

Love the fabrics. So sweet and will look adorable on your girls. Can't wait to see what you turn the material into.

Anonymous said...

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