Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A trip to that "Bazoo"

With no school and beautiful weather, we went on a trip to the zoo yesterday. It was a great day and the girls had so much fun, especially Reese who hadn't been to the zoo since she was two. From two to three is such a big difference. I bet she doesn't even remember going before.

We have great friends who live in Columbia, where our zoo is, so it make the trip even more fun!

Abby was especially glad to go...as you can see! Aren't they so cute. Our kids play so well together, we rarely have to referee at all. And this is a plus when you are in a crowded zoo with six children!

Reese requested to have her picture made here...I do not know what I am going to do with this little diva. She loves to look in the mirror, have her picture made and wear make up. She is constantly putting lipstick on all day and gets upset if it gets messed up. She doesn't like any clothes that look the least bit boyish and prefers dresses always. She gives me beauty tips which is amazing and so funny. She didn't like that my nails were chipped yesterday after all my cooking and dishes on Sunday. Her suggestion? Fix them and get some "glubbs" for doing the dishes! Seriously, that's what she told me. It is next to impossible to get her out of a shoe store, as she loves high heels, especially red ones. She tries each pair on, walks around and poses for a picture in them...I will post one later. She also insists that I wear "noisy shoes" all the times and doesn't like when I wear sneakers or something that's not "noisy." She is something else! It's a good thing that I am prissy too and love all things girly, we are going to be great shopping partners!

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Mari said...

Great pics - looks like fun! I love the stories about Reese!

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