Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I still find it hard to believe...snow in South Carolina?! I have never seen snow like this here. It is so surreal. What an adventure it was for us all, even if the power did go out for 19 HOURS!!! Luckily, we found refuge with friends and family.

Reese was feeling more photogenic that morning, Abby was very crabby from a sleepover the night before and wasn't feeling the cold at all!

We had to really convince Reese to try the snow. She was very hesitant!

This cave was a tree bent over under the weight of the snow. Our plants here are not for this type of weather!

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Mari said...

It's beautiful! Looks like the girls and Kane enjoyed it. Love the snowman too!

Dena said...

those are awesome! the one with the tree is fantastic!!