Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sewing with Knit..."Cece"

THREE months ago I got the fabric, pattern and cut this out...well that shows you how much sewing I've been doing! I have been wanting to try sewing knit dresses for a while, they are one of the few items I buy because I don't make them. I got this fabric from Chez Ami which makes their own retail line for home shows but they also sell the fabric. They have great clearance prices too...of course I liked the non sale fabric. :)

This is the "Cece" by Children's Corner. It can be all knit or a knit top and woven cotton bottom half. The direction were very clear and easy to do whether you had a serger or not. I did use my serger for the lettuce edge on the sleeves and hem but you can machine hem it just the same. My only complaint is that it only goes to a size 4 so I lengthened it, and made it too long of course. It looks a little like pajamas, but oh well! The top area is very small so it won't work on a child bigger than 5, and Abby is very thin anyways. It is sewn together at the yoke much like the top of a onesie for a baby so that it fits over the head.

Abby likes it and couldn't wait to wear it...I guess that's all that matters!

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Tommy, Erica, and Addie Kate said...

Precious! I've wondered about sewing with knit as well. I'm sure I won't tackle that anytime soon!