Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Last week we took a week long family beach vacation, just the four of us. It was so great, although Kane was still officially working everyday. He was glad when Saturday finally got there!
We even got to maintain our weekly date night, thanks to Granny and Granddaddy! It was nice to get out.

The wrap around porch was fantastic and we spent many hours swinging and rocking. The ocean is on one side of the house and the marsh is on the other! How awesome is that!

This was our nightly view, and even though we chose the hottest week of the Summer to go, there was always a breeze on the porch.

I became quite the pro at lugging stuff to the beach while Kane was working. I got all this stuff on my little beach cart AND dragged it up the steps and down the steps of the boardwalk. We lacked nothing and spent everyday on the beach at least 4-5 hours straight.

I sure didn't want to come home to the pile on my desk (and in the laundry room) but I definitely wore the girls out this week. In fact, I think that they are still recovering!post signature

Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Days...

The girls are the perfect age for Summer fun this Year. We have been to the beach four times already and go to the pool almost everyday. They both can swim and are getting better everyday. Abby gets upset if we can't go to the pool everyday, I have to make us take a break because I love it too! I gotta do laundry and work sometime!!!

Last week we went to Kiawah Island with great friends and had such a fun time! What a treat!

The girls play so well with their friends William and Sally Clarke! I rarely have to intervene or referee at all! That is a treat for me too!

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kindergarten...Here She Comes!

Abby "graduated" from preschool...last month! I am so behind. The end of preschool has thrown me for a loop, for sure! It was such a happy occasion. Abby did get emotional when she saw a friend who moved away in the slide show. She is so tender hearted! In fact, that is the superlative award that her teacher gave her. The most tender hearted...it suits her just fine!

The Ponies class. Reese will be a Pony next year, she is just ecstatic!

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