Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gimmie a P!

How cute is my little cheerleader on her first day of camp?! She had a great time and loves her varsity buddy. There were lots of hugs when it was time to be picked up. So glad I finally found something she likes...she didn't even make it a month in gymnastics and she never wanted to go to ballet last year!

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Abby's new school mascot is a Panther and I have been very inspired lately to sew in her school colors. I thought that if I could find a tiger paw smocking plate that I could make it in navy and it would be panther paws. There were no big paw plates, there were tiny paws on plates with tigers or footballs and tons of other tiger stuff. So what could I do? I made it up!

The second day of school is their weekly spirit day, so she will wear it then.

I love adding baby ric rac to the edges of bishop sleeves. I use my edge joining foot with the sleeve on one side of the blade and the ric rac on the other and attach it with a zig zag stitch.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Smocking

I finished this bishop for Abby last week. The fabric is a very soft fabric finders cotton lawn that I got last year on sale and just got around to it. I love making these especially for Abby because it is likely that soon she will be too grown up to wear these. I'm sad that it will likely happen when she starts kindergarten soon.

I used a sage green gingham to do the neck and arm bands on this and the contrast is very fun. The whole design is baby waves that I eye balled from a magazine picture...babywave HELL! Haha, it is so many rows...and soooo many pleats on a size 6 bishop!

I think she looks lovely and the fabric is so dainty that she needs a slip! Luckily one of her portrait dresses came with one.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Miss Madeline

I made these cute pants a couple of months ago as a class sample for teaching the Jillian by Bonnie Blue...I do love that pattern! I bought fabric at the same time to make a top and it just sat. I didn't even retrieve the sample pants from the shop until 2 weeks ago! I recently went to the beach for a few days with a sewing buddy and our 4 girls. Family fun in the day time and when the sun went down we sewed! It was great, I made this top, a skirt, cut out and pleated two bishops, backsmocked one and traced several patterns for sewing retreat next month! I even cut out a dress for the retreat already. What a treat to be away from the household responsibilities (and gym) that usually get in the way of sewing.

This is the first time that I made the Miss Madeline by The Handmade Dress. I made a size 5 and found it running a little slim, which is perfect for Abby. It is a dress and can be made with or without the apron. It was a pretty easy construction but I do recommend a serger for this style. My only complaint is that it comes with the bodice and sleeve pieces and you have to draft the bottom of the dress. It wasn't hard, but for $12 I feel like i shouldn't have had to do that. The directions are clear and it's a great style for a beginner. I was very happy with the results and already have a full length one cut out for camp. It came in a kit from Farmhouse Fabrics with everything already picked out. This one is cute too. I used the same lady bug fabric to make
Abby a pillowcase like this one.
She liked it a lot and it was so fun and cute to make. Plus it came with the directions for making several sizes of pillowcases which I will use later. What a cute and easy little gift!

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th!

Finally put these together just in time for the 4th...and for blueberry pickin'! These are the only dark outfits they have and I was afraid of the blueberry mess! I got the madras fabric in January at a sale and then bought the knit tanks in March at a Kellys Kids homeshow to match the madras. They are the cutest little knit tops. I am so glad I got around to these, they are too cute and I think that they will be great for back to school also.
The skirt is Children's Corner "Katie's Skirt" and I have used it before. The hem construction is a little difficult but once you get the hang of it you could make one in less than an hour. The pattern runs true to size but I think the elastic measurements that it suggests are a little snug. The little pockets are so cute...I wish this came in my size!

I monogrammed these in baby blue because they are Abby's new school colors! Double duty...I can't believe that she starts K5 next month! She is too excited! Stay tuned for tons of back to school sewing, I am ready to sew!
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back to Birdie...finally!

I think that I am officially over my burnt out-edness with sewing. Last Summer and Fall I was turning out close to ten garments a week and it just plum wore me out! Sadly, I am a little to late for all of my Summer plans that I had for the girls' wardrobe but at least I have turned the machines on! Funny...I had to clean them both thoroughly before they wanted to be nice to me. Payback I guess...

Early in the Spring I went to a children's clothing show for fun and a little inspiration. I saw this cute little outfit...for EIGHTY DOLLARS!!! Really, a pillow case top and pants? So I did some digging and found this gorgeous yellow Monoco fabric on Etsy for $6 a yard. I already had the white pique used in the pants and made this same outfit for a whopping $12!!! And I have a little left over that I may make a top for myself. I love the double ruffle on the pants, I am usually a little lazy when it comes to ruffles but it wasn't that bad and the cuteness factor was worth it.

This little stinker insisted on a photo op too, her hand me down I didn't make. ;) She is such a little diva.
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