Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back to Birdie...finally!

I think that I am officially over my burnt out-edness with sewing. Last Summer and Fall I was turning out close to ten garments a week and it just plum wore me out! Sadly, I am a little to late for all of my Summer plans that I had for the girls' wardrobe but at least I have turned the machines on! Funny...I had to clean them both thoroughly before they wanted to be nice to me. Payback I guess...

Early in the Spring I went to a children's clothing show for fun and a little inspiration. I saw this cute little outfit...for EIGHTY DOLLARS!!! Really, a pillow case top and pants? So I did some digging and found this gorgeous yellow Monoco fabric on Etsy for $6 a yard. I already had the white pique used in the pants and made this same outfit for a whopping $12!!! And I have a little left over that I may make a top for myself. I love the double ruffle on the pants, I am usually a little lazy when it comes to ruffles but it wasn't that bad and the cuteness factor was worth it.

This little stinker insisted on a photo op too, her hand me down I didn't make. ;) She is such a little diva.
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The Bordens said...

I saw that same outfit from that same line. I also thought I could do that:) May I ask what pant pattern do you use?