Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More from CAMP!

I got this top on sale at kellyskids.com because we had it in navy and it is so cute on. So I made this scrappy skirt to go with it. The pattern was in Sew Beautiful Magazine number 131 and it was so easy. The strips are only a few inches wide so this is a great way to get rid of your scraps. If your sewing room is anything like mine, it has plenty of fabric for a whole slew of these skirts!

This is the Kinsey from Children's Corner. I saw this in their recent magazine ad and had to make it for my Reese, I just love these colors and she loves a flowy dress. This was my most anticipated project for camp and I love how it turned out. Reese put it on right away and can't wait to wear it!
She did insist on wearing it to her princess tea party, even though her friends were wearing dress up. It looks great and is a full dress, maybe it will last for next Fall too!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sewing Retreat Results...

Last weekend I went on the annual smocking guild sewing retreat, what a treat that is for a mom of young children!!! I slept in, til NINE! haha. I sewed, went running and ate lots of yummy food. I even got to go running on a cool evening (that means below 90 for this time of year!) Here are a few of my projects from camp, I was really pleased with my projects this year.

This is an adaptation of the Children's Corner Charlotte that I saw on a great blog. She has great directions, I highly recommend it.

This is the Bonnie Blue Ashley swing dress shortened to a top and the Jillian pants...my fave! I fell in love with the shade of the yellow grosgrain ric rac and formed this outfit to use it. I love it, can't wait for her to wear it.

This outfit I was so excited about, it was a last minute addition to my line up and the first thing I made at camp! I had this Sara's Skort planned for Abby to wear to school, I embroidered each panther paw on the pattern pieces after I cut them out. They are 1" tiger paws. When I looked for lining and shorts material I found this baby blue pima gingham and got inspired on this cute top. I see this style in the boutiques all the time but there's not really a pattern for it. The Carol dress only goes to a four but it would work for smaller children. I used the blouse pattern in the Mary De dress pattern and cut the front piece off the fold a little to allow room for the smocked box. I haven't smocked it yet but wanted to go ahead and construct it while I had time.

This is for Reese to wear to school this year, her four year old preschool class is called The Pony Class. I made the face out of white minky and it is so soft! I used the Bonnie Blue Bridget, it is a new pattern out and is reversible. I wanted to try it, although I wasn't too excited about it. It is very plain...but when I put it on her I loved it! It is soooo cute!

I put ric rac in the hem which makes pressing easier because it is reversible. I would not recommend adding any trim in the top of the dress because it makes it to bulky to tie. If you were using a heavy fabric, I might even make the straps longer.
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First Day

Look at my big Kindergartener!!! How cute is she?

Her first task was to decorate her name tag for the day...I am sure it was done right away. That girl loves art more than anything else.

This is her super cute teacher, check out the artwork Abby took her on the first day. We told her to get ready for more because seriously we have no where else to stick the child's papers. She does art all day. Loves it.

Family picture at drop off! Granny came to watch Reese so we didn't have to take her the first day. I wasn't sure I could get her ready too but actually she has gone with me every day since. I seriously thought that Kane would be home in time in the mornings to take Abby but that is not the case at all. :( I am so not a morning person but it's been ok. I really want a nap though! Reese and I took a good one yesterday. The early mornings have been esoecially rough on her. I don't think her thumb has left her mouth today yet and she is currently laying on the floor in my office. Poor thing, maybe I will have to pick her naps back up.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Here are a few pics from the last day of cheerleading camp. Abby really did enjoy it and I am so glad because she has not liked a single extra curricular that we have tried until now! They did their dance and routines for all the parents on the last day.
Abby loved the Varsity cheerleaders that were the teachers and they seemed quite fond of her too. A few days after camp I learned the dance so that we could practice it together...when I went there I cheered Varsity also. Kane thought it was hilarious when he saw me practicing one evening.
It was fun, we are so excited about the school spirit and opportunities at her new school!

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Family day at the Aquarium

School is starting in less than a week!!! Yikes! I am doing my best to squeeze in as much as possible from the fun to do's that I never got around to. Last week we went to the aquarium and it happened to be shark week which was very fun. They had lots of extras for the kids and we had a great time. Next week...children's museum and the water park! Most of the other kids in our area start school Monday so we have a few extra days and hopefully no one will be there! :)

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