Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day

Look at my big Kindergartener!!! How cute is she?

Her first task was to decorate her name tag for the day...I am sure it was done right away. That girl loves art more than anything else.

This is her super cute teacher, check out the artwork Abby took her on the first day. We told her to get ready for more because seriously we have no where else to stick the child's papers. She does art all day. Loves it.

Family picture at drop off! Granny came to watch Reese so we didn't have to take her the first day. I wasn't sure I could get her ready too but actually she has gone with me every day since. I seriously thought that Kane would be home in time in the mornings to take Abby but that is not the case at all. :( I am so not a morning person but it's been ok. I really want a nap though! Reese and I took a good one yesterday. The early mornings have been esoecially rough on her. I don't think her thumb has left her mouth today yet and she is currently laying on the floor in my office. Poor thing, maybe I will have to pick her naps back up.

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Mari said...

She looks so cute!