Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More from CAMP!

I got this top on sale at kellyskids.com because we had it in navy and it is so cute on. So I made this scrappy skirt to go with it. The pattern was in Sew Beautiful Magazine number 131 and it was so easy. The strips are only a few inches wide so this is a great way to get rid of your scraps. If your sewing room is anything like mine, it has plenty of fabric for a whole slew of these skirts!

This is the Kinsey from Children's Corner. I saw this in their recent magazine ad and had to make it for my Reese, I just love these colors and she loves a flowy dress. This was my most anticipated project for camp and I love how it turned out. Reese put it on right away and can't wait to wear it!
She did insist on wearing it to her princess tea party, even though her friends were wearing dress up. It looks great and is a full dress, maybe it will last for next Fall too!

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Nicole said...

The dress is so cute!!! Did you use a different sleeve from the pattern?

LeslieW. said...

Thanks! Yep, it's the Lettie. It's the exact dress in their magazine ad. I just love it!

Nicole said...

It is just precious!

Reginald said...

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