Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sewing Retreat Results...

Last weekend I went on the annual smocking guild sewing retreat, what a treat that is for a mom of young children!!! I slept in, til NINE! haha. I sewed, went running and ate lots of yummy food. I even got to go running on a cool evening (that means below 90 for this time of year!) Here are a few of my projects from camp, I was really pleased with my projects this year.

This is an adaptation of the Children's Corner Charlotte that I saw on a great blog. She has great directions, I highly recommend it.

This is the Bonnie Blue Ashley swing dress shortened to a top and the Jillian fave! I fell in love with the shade of the yellow grosgrain ric rac and formed this outfit to use it. I love it, can't wait for her to wear it.

This outfit I was so excited about, it was a last minute addition to my line up and the first thing I made at camp! I had this Sara's Skort planned for Abby to wear to school, I embroidered each panther paw on the pattern pieces after I cut them out. They are 1" tiger paws. When I looked for lining and shorts material I found this baby blue pima gingham and got inspired on this cute top. I see this style in the boutiques all the time but there's not really a pattern for it. The Carol dress only goes to a four but it would work for smaller children. I used the blouse pattern in the Mary De dress pattern and cut the front piece off the fold a little to allow room for the smocked box. I haven't smocked it yet but wanted to go ahead and construct it while I had time.

This is for Reese to wear to school this year, her four year old preschool class is called The Pony Class. I made the face out of white minky and it is so soft! I used the Bonnie Blue Bridget, it is a new pattern out and is reversible. I wanted to try it, although I wasn't too excited about it. It is very plain...but when I put it on her I loved it! It is soooo cute!

I put ric rac in the hem which makes pressing easier because it is reversible. I would not recommend adding any trim in the top of the dress because it makes it to bulky to tie. If you were using a heavy fabric, I might even make the straps longer.
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Mari said...

Not only a fun getaway, but you got lots done!

Megan said...

the outfits are beyond adorable! you do an amazing job leslie!