Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I think the cashier should high five me...

My newest obsession is couponing. I have been doing it for a few months and my grocery bill has dropped from $200 (and we ate out constantly) to $50 a week and we hardly eat out at all. Before you ask, I use website for coupon matchups with sale items. I also signed up for her twitter so I can print out new coupons right away before they run out. Today I spent $17 and saved $85 in coupons and promotions. As you can see there's not much there for tonight's dinner, but I still have $30 for the week and my pantry and freezers are overflowing with food. Here's what $17 got me today...

Two loaves of bread 18 cents total
hot dog buns reg price 2$
3 kraft singles free
2 kraft block cheese free
6 crystal lites free
2 new england coffee 1.89 each
2 lays chips 4$
1 ketchup .77
bag of apples 1.99
pears .99lb
tortillas 1.29
2 country crocks .14 each
2 cheese its 1.49 each
1 krusteez muffin mix 1.29
2 martha white muffin mix .47 each
toothpaste .47
cascade 3$

This shopping trip was at publix, which is my favorite store. They double coupons .50 and under, take competitor coupons (like the $10 off a $40 trip to piggly wiggly I used today) and produce a ton of store the enormous amount of buy one get one deals every week.
It is such a great challenge and if there was an emergency, we would have food for a couple of months no problem. Plus the money I save I can use for other things (like shoes....I mean tuition :) )

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!
This was a particularly fun birthday. She worked it an milked it for all the fun and treats it was worth! She even requested this shirt the night before, I am so glad I bought a few t shirts in advance!

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Go Team!

A few weeks ago was the first home football game! Abby was so excited and we all had a great time. I wasn't really looking forward to it but I had a great time too! She did great. They did a dance on the field pregame and then had their own section of bleachers for cheering during the game. Tons if fun!

Abby is the one all the way to the right...with the bow of course! :)

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Double Dose of Birthday!

This year I am trying to do smaller birthday parties compared to the monstrosities we usually have! On Reese's actual birthday, a monday, we had cake and presents and the Grand parents over.
Then on Saturday I had a small tea party with little girls her age. It was tons of fun, she loved it! The girls mostly dressed up as princesses but Reese wanted to be Super girl! Of course, she has to be in control of everything!

Everyone had a great time...except for musical chairs! Apparently three/four is just too young for that. Everyone cried just about! Even 6 year old Abby went and pouted in her room for a good twenty minutes after she was out! :) Maybe it's just not a good idea at any age! post signature

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reese's First Day

Finally! Preschool started this morning. I learned that I need to get Reese ready when I get Abby ready, notice the pout above. She didn't want to get ready once we got back home. She was so excited to go though, couldn't wait to be in the pony class. That is the 4 year old class at her school.

When I picked her up and asked her how it went she said "NOT GOOD!" Why? "There was too much to do!" She wants to go back to the 3year old class where it was more relaxed! Hahah...I never did like school either... :)

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