Thursday, September 9, 2010

Double Dose of Birthday!

This year I am trying to do smaller birthday parties compared to the monstrosities we usually have! On Reese's actual birthday, a monday, we had cake and presents and the Grand parents over.
Then on Saturday I had a small tea party with little girls her age. It was tons of fun, she loved it! The girls mostly dressed up as princesses but Reese wanted to be Super girl! Of course, she has to be in control of everything!

Everyone had a great time...except for musical chairs! Apparently three/four is just too young for that. Everyone cried just about! Even 6 year old Abby went and pouted in her room for a good twenty minutes after she was out! :) Maybe it's just not a good idea at any age! post signature


Mari said...

Happy Birthday! She is getting so big!

julie said...

They are all as precious as can be! Gosh, you got some cuties!!! Happy Birthday