Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I think the cashier should high five me...

My newest obsession is couponing. I have been doing it for a few months and my grocery bill has dropped from $200 (and we ate out constantly) to $50 a week and we hardly eat out at all. Before you ask, I use website for coupon matchups with sale items. I also signed up for her twitter so I can print out new coupons right away before they run out. Today I spent $17 and saved $85 in coupons and promotions. As you can see there's not much there for tonight's dinner, but I still have $30 for the week and my pantry and freezers are overflowing with food. Here's what $17 got me today...

Two loaves of bread 18 cents total
hot dog buns reg price 2$
3 kraft singles free
2 kraft block cheese free
6 crystal lites free
2 new england coffee 1.89 each
2 lays chips 4$
1 ketchup .77
bag of apples 1.99
pears .99lb
tortillas 1.29
2 country crocks .14 each
2 cheese its 1.49 each
1 krusteez muffin mix 1.29
2 martha white muffin mix .47 each
toothpaste .47
cascade 3$

This shopping trip was at publix, which is my favorite store. They double coupons .50 and under, take competitor coupons (like the $10 off a $40 trip to piggly wiggly I used today) and produce a ton of store the enormous amount of buy one get one deals every week.
It is such a great challenge and if there was an emergency, we would have food for a couple of months no problem. Plus the money I save I can use for other things (like shoes....I mean tuition :) )

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Melissa said...

I am sooo proud of you! You are doing better than I am now! Great job leslie!

Mari said...

Isn't this great? I just started using a website that does the same thing for our area. I love the deals. You are lucky to have stores that do double coupons. None of the stores in our areas have ever done that.

Handcrafts by Heather said...

Congratulations! what a success! isn't couponing great :)