Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just call me Aunt Leslie...

Isn't she precious!? We welcomed Ansley into the Byrnes family last week. I was just thrilled to love on her which says a lot...I am not a baby person normally!

Is there anything cuter than baby toes? I just have to take pictures of them, they require it.
I couldn't wait to get sewing for Ansley, I was suddenly inspired and made this dress in less than a week. I have been holding onto this fabric for 2 or 3 years, I turned the stripe sideways and I like how it turned out. Can't wait to see her in it!

This came out of an old Creative Needle that I inherited recently...a huge stash. They are great for smocking ones! :)
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whew!!! We been BUSY!

I know everyone is busy, but don't you always think you got it particularly bad? I sure do...I am very happy but I just wonder how I get it all done!

Football season! Abby has been the cutest little cheerleader. I can't wait til next year already...Reese will be able to do it then too!

Some of our best buds came to check out Abby's cheering skillz! :)

We went to the neatest Madhatter birthday party. I had to have a hat too! That was a whirlwind day. Abby's party was that morning (which I still haven't blogged, much less written thank yous! YIKES!) and then this super fun tea party was in the afternoon. It was over the top and I will share some of the awesome details later.

Also, I finally smocked the paw on this shirt that I made at camp. I LOVE how it turned out. I will definitely be making more of this style. It's also fun that I designed the paw myself! I am in the process of graphing it too. :)

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