Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey Day at School

I was a volunteer for Abby's Thanksgiving feast at school a few weeks ago. The kids had the best time and the food was so good! I couldn't help but nibble off her plate.
This is her buddy Tre, they have so much fun together and apparently are not allowed to sit nect to each other in class anymore!

Hope you had a great Turkey Day too!
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fair Entry

A few months ago I made this for my sister's baby shower. I never had time to blog it because I was still stitching on it the morning of the shower! I retrieved it from her a few weeks later so I could enter it in the fair. I was very pleased with how it pleated and the stripes stayed even. It was also my first use of lace, normally I don't do fancy sewing. I prefer boutique style casual stuff, but I just loved how sweet this fabric is. I hope it gets worn lots of times! Can't wait to see her in it.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Princess Playdate

Reese had a fun playdate a couple of weeks ago, don't they look pretty?! I know she had the best time time because she loves anything dress up and fancy. She called this a Jasmine princess dress from Aladdin. Check out her cool braid crown hair do...it will be years before we can do that again! It sure was pretty though. Glad we captured it in a picture.
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tennis Lessons

Now that cheerleading is over, Abby needed a new extra curricular activity. We chose tennis, which she can take at school. A few of her buddies wanted to take too so it worked out nicely to arrange (thanks sue!) a group lesson. Abby really likes it, it's the first sport she has done. I am glad she likes it and her friends too!
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Friday, November 12, 2010

A Knock Off

Here's another outfit that I copied from Kelly's Kids. From there it would cost $84 each without the matching tights. I made it for $18 each, including the tights! I got the shirt and tights from Land's End, I am very happy with the results and the girls love the new outfits. :)

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Abby's Birthday

So...where did September go?!!! Hmmm, and weren't there two month's after that? Why in the world sis I think that things would slow down when school started? Where is all this time I was supposed to have...I digress. :)

Finally, here are some pictures from Abby's birthday party. It was a pool party, which she chose over a tea party so that her boyfriends could come. It was mostly boys :). I tried to keep it as small as I could which was way more fun as it turns out. Next year will be even smaller maybe.

The Wright Girls... Reese's hair... :(

William and Abby, they are a fun pair.

The birthday girl was all smiles, everyone had a blast.
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Halloween, belated

We sure had a fun month of October! I have never liked Halloween, in fact last year was the first year that I let the girls dress up and go trick or treating. But, I must say, that they like it so much that it really is fun. I had a great time this year.

Kane carved this pumpkin. We liked it so much that we left it there for a few extra days...until it was hard to pick up to trash it!
We went to an awesome Halloween party held by some of the girls' friends. It was awesome, a very special treat.

At Pinewood the Kindergartners have "Super Seniors" which are their buddies throughout the year. They do fun things, especially for special occasions. This was the costume parade and that is her super senior. Apparently all of the Super Seniors were supposed to match their kindergartners and I missed the memo. Totally my fault I realize, there was a questionnaire that I filled out too quickly. It asked what they were going to be for Halloween, to which I said a cheerleader. That IS what she was for Halloween but for the parade I wanted her to be something more original. Poor Min, she does look cute though. I will know the scoop for next year with Reese, at least.
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Reeser meets bob

Someone got creative with the craft scissors at a play date last week! I think she was as sad as we were, she loved her long hair, flipped it around all the time and teased her sister that hers was short.

Praise God that Ms. Linda could take her right away for a fix job. Man I wish I had taken our Christmas card pictures already!!! Is it bad if they have pumkins in the background? :)

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