Monday, December 6, 2010

Tree Shopping

We went tree shopping on Friday, the girls have been asking to go since a week before Thanksgiving thanks to a certain relative who puts her fake tree up early. ;) It was fun, We got the biggest one on the lot and I really didn't know how big it was until they had to heave it on top of my yukon xl!
Today before school I decided that I couldn't possibly spray Abby's hair with water and send her out into 26 degree weather so I flattened it. It has never been this cold that I can remember...I always send her out with wet hair.

Forgive the cheesy smile, she had a mouthful of muffin. I think she looks so grown up with straight hair! I had to flat iron both girls hair today, I have to do Reese's new short do or it looks crazy. I can't wait for hers to be long again. All I had to do was brush it and it looked great.

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Susie said...

Love it but I wonder what William will think? What did she think?

Mari said...

She looks so pretty - and yes, older too!