Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day

The haul from Santa. They got makeup in the stocking which was actually on Reese's written list.

With our cousin Ansley.

American Girl Dolls from Mimi were a hit!

New bike....

times two!

We got a nook tablet to share, hasn't been fought over yet. Crossing my fingers. :)post signature

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


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Saga Annual Christmas Fashion Show

It's that time again, and this year I actually made something for the show. Last year I didn't get around to it. Although I must confess, I made these green outfits yesterday...the day of the show! Talk about last minute. I was in charge of organizing the event this year so I had to made something! The girls really wanted another outfit too. They love the red knit outfits but they are so cozy I think they consider them almost pajamas! They wanted something fancy.

This is Katie's Skirt again, I taught a class on this last month. I have made so many of these but yesterday I reminded myself that this is not a pattern to try when you're in a hurry. It doesn't matter how many of them you have made! It looks good but it gave me a time, didn't really line up and I had to shave some hem off to make it match. The shirt applique is a design from planet applique. It's a great quick design because it is supposed to look shabby and has no satin stitch.

This is a Children's Corner Mary De that I turned backwards and used ribbons for the closure instead of buttons. I did shave a little off the original neckline so that it would lay flat against the back of her neck but that's the only change. Very easy.

You have seen these...Reese slept in hers last night. They are just too soft!

So glad to have that behind me! It is already the 13th so the girls will be wearing these every other day!!!! Our Christmas outfits from last year still fit too so the rest of their wardrobe will be on vacation for a few weeks. :)

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Sewing

I love how an applique can make an easy outfit! Added this snowglobe to a plain t shit and paired it with a hot pink skirt from last year and we have a cheap and cute Christmas outfit! This is from Planet Applique.

Made my first Christmas's only the 8th!!!! Better than last year! I didn't make any! This a a precious knit from chez ami that a dear friend had left over from last Christmas! What a treat! I made them yesterday using McCalls M6155. It was an easy little pattern, although I did change the construction a little bit and used my serger more on the second one instead of double hems. They are comfy and cozy. The pattern runs a little big I think. I made them the 5 and added length to the leggings and the long sleeves for Abby. Reese has short sleeves because I ran out of fabric....same reason Abby is wearing tights! ;) The back has buttons. A successful project I think and they may double for pajamas, just such soft fabric. Check out Chez Ami fabrics, often times they have great clearance prices at 2$ a yard. I may be sewing with more knit after this project. Usually that is one of the few things I buy instead of make....with jeans, coats, socks and underwear!
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Sewing...and good intentions

Beginning my Christmas sewing...always too late. I really wanted to be done by Thanksgiving
...then, I was sure I would do it this weekend. This T-shirt for Reese is all I managed. It looked really cute with her red corduroy pants though. I had to wash it so she could wear it to school today. That's always a good sign for Reese.

Getting Christmas inspiration...trying to plan.

Maybe I will get to it today...

Made this cute Taylor for someone as a special order. It was a fun project. Why can't sewing for my girls be this quick? They require so much fabric these days! Not really a cheap hobby. I guess it could be, but it's really not the way I do things. :)

I made this tissue cover in a club class at Sew n Sew last month. It was a quick fun project. I love to take a club class (for owners of the Viking Machines they sell there) because they are a quick way to carve out sewing time for me. And I come home with a cute, original pattern that I can make easy gift with. Most of the time I keep them for me though!

These were club projects from two different months that coordinate. First the laundry bag and then the matching lingerie bag. It is divided which is such a cute idea.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Historical Tea

Today was the Historical Teas at school. Abby was assigned Virginia Dare, who was the first English child born in America. She had to research it, write a short speech and memorize it. It was just 3 sentences. They had to be in costume and were graded on it.

All of the classes went to the gym first and sang some sogs and demonstrated square dancing. :) Too cute.

Then we went back to the classroom and they all gave their presentations. They were all great! No one was nervous, I was surprised.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Field Trip!

One of my goal this year was to go to most of the field trips. Last year I didn't go to many because my work time was limited with Reese only in part time preschool. I have been to a handful of them so far, each girl's has had at least one per month if not two! Today I went with the Kindergarten to Home Depot. We took a tour, planted a plant and picked out the class tree.

They gave the thumbs up on the tree. :)

I got a new camera (finally! Mine was older than Abby) on black Friday, it is a Nikon Coolpix. It was a steal with my Staples Ink Rewards check on top of the sale price! I was long over due. I had to use my fingernail to open the lens and it just didn't take good pictures any more. They can only be dropped sooooo many times! This was the first use and I am happy so far, especially for 70$!!! Hopefully it will give me more reasons to blog. :D

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Too Much Halloween...

We had way too much fun this year...I couldn't wait for Monday to actually come! Halloween for us started Thursday and it did. not. stop!

We are in pj's here because the pumpkin wasn't officially done until after trick or treating! So busy....

Trunk or Treat at school Thursday, complete with hayrides! They went with Granny and Grandaddy, had too much fun.

Friday Morning parade at school, this is Reese's Super Senior....they are both supposed to be Pocahontas. This picture is awful but with my phone.

Abby was Cleopatra, they both loved this costume. I got it last year half off after Halloween and they got it for Christmas. They took turns wearing it. I didn't have to buy any costumes, we have so much dress up!

On Friday night we went to a "Halloween Spooktacular." It was our first costume party ever and we had such a great time. Kane is supposed to be Justin Beiber, which was so fun and hilarious. I am a flapper, I had feathers in my hair and false eyelashes...also a first. This is my grandmothers costume from a dance competition she was once in. She made it herself, I had to alter it a little bit but it was too much fun!

This was Sunday, we went to a friend's party, Reese is Red riding hood...also from the sale last year. It was a great time! My girls love a party and are always the last to leave!

This was their actual Halloween night costumes. Trick or treating was so much fun this year, they actually got it I think and wanted to go to more houses. Usually they are fine with the hayride around the neighborhood and Granny's house but they wanted to do a few more on the ride home. It was a very fun night. They were disappointed when we got home and didn't have any "customers!" Our street doesn't get any traffic and it was late by then. Maybe next year! :)

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Some Sewing

One of the many things that I have been doing (instead of blogging) is sewing. A lot. And most of the time I forget a picture, so here is what I did capture on my cell phone camera. My battery has been dead for a month at least, and it really doesn't take good pictures anyway....
This is a Lillian, Children's Corner with a grosgrain ruffle down the center of a wide ribbon.

Doll dress to match

This was eventually a boys longall, but I forgot the final picture.

This is a Children's corner "Paulie". Elephant here

None of these were for my family of course. I really don't have time to sew for them right now, which is very unfortunate because I have som much fabric that I bought with good intentions! Maybe next week. ;)
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from the Wright Girls!

I know...I have fallen down on the job. I am so sorry and will try to do better. ;) I have to blame it on busyness, some days I don't know whether I am coming or going. Some days I crash into bed thinking of all the things I accomplished that day and think I need a vacation! And a clone. Kane says I try to do too many things but I don't see how I can leave anything out. Except maybe the training for a half marathon ;) I really had no idea it would be so time consuming, I almost there so c'est la vie!

So my blogging schedule, or lack there of, isn't because life is boring here in Wright country. I will try to catch you up soon. For now, a few pictures from this week.

The girl's school had their annual Turkey Trot with races and relay races for each grade. I volunteered in her class last week to make these fun shirts, I love Abby's. I had to tear her away from it, she loves painting and art. She was not as interested in the actual Trot as she was chasing boys around the field when it wasn't race time. She thinks racing is boring. She is my social child. She did want a turkey trophy, but who wouldn't want one! I had to explain that there were only 3 and she didn't care. Kane had to coerce her around the track, it was a half mile. She wanted to walk. Haha

The kindergarten comes out to watch the race so we saw Reeser too. She wasn't very compliant for the picture...or telling her sister "good job." I just can't make her be nice. It's going to bite her in the butt soon and maybe she will change her tune.

We had her Kindergarten Thanksgiving feast at night this year so that all the families could join. Here is her pillowcase Indian costume. It was a rough night, so hard to get a whole family there on a weeknight by 5:20? It lasted until 7pm which is our bedtime here...I am glad I don't have to do it again. I will say it was tasty! Pinewood families can cook! But of course Reese wouldn't eat anything and was terrible. Abby on the other hand ate an enormous amount of food, got seconds and then had a plate piled high with every kind of dessert. I seriously don't know where she puts it all. I see a growth spurt in her future.

How 'bout Reese's dress? It's actually Abby's dress, but they do wear the exact same size. She loves that dress, she is so prissy and particular about fashion and primping. I don't know where she gets that from. LOL, seriously it is my fault. She learned by watching me...but does she have to point out every time that I am not wearing make up? Apparently I don't look pretty without it. It sort of offends her if we are in public and I am not wearing any. She is gonna be something as a teenager.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families...


The Wright Girls
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