Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Donuts For Dad!

Kane went to school with Reese on Friday for Donuts for Dad Day. She was so excited to ride to school with him on the golf cart. The donuts were the icing on the cake! Apparently she ate his donut and hers...then wanted more! The kids had done these cute picture and questionnaires for the Dads...priceless. I plan to ask Abby the same questions soon. The answers kids give are so much fun. Here are Reese's...

My Dad likes to...play with me
My Dad's favorite sport...football
My Dad has taught me...how to fish
Dad's favorite food...pizza
My Dad's favorite hobby...shoot deers when he's hunting
My favorite memory...playing soccer
My Dad Helps me...play games
My favorite thing to do with my Dad...play tic tac toe

And my personal favorite...it's priceless if you really know Reeser.

I love my Dad because...he helps me up when I fall down.

That Reeser is the clumsiest little thing, that is just such a fun answer.
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Mari said...

Those kind of question and answer things are priceless and I'm so glad you have it written down. She's a sweetheart!

Handcrafts by Heather said...

Hi there! have to ask whether this a dress you constructed, and if so, which peacock smocking design did you use?

thank you!

LeslieW. said...

Thanks so much but I bought it in the Fall from Shrimp and Grits Kids.

Handcrafts by Heather said...

oh my goodness! what a cute webstore! (shrimp and grits) thanks for the suggestion :)