Thursday, March 31, 2011

A few weeks ago Reese had her school pictures, a black and white photographer comes to her school so they are actually great pictures. The last 3 years the girls have had a sibling picture and they always turn out so nice, so I checked Abby out of school to get one last one. I have never gotten around to make dresses for them to wear in any of the pictures, so this year I was determined. I had these solid fabrics, one a twill and one a pique and I also already had the pattern. It is the Jacqueline from Children's Corner. It is a very quick and easy pattern! It comes with two body versions, one a-line and one slimmer body with a curve at the waist. I chose the slimmer one and it fits perfectly, it runs very true to size. I think the girls will wear this one a lot. The only thing I would change is I would add piping along the top of the collar/yoke also. It did not even occur to me to do that until I saw one someone else made.It looked much neater. You do have to hand stitch the yoke down, which was the part that took the longest.

When we took Reese back to class they were having circle time and show and tell. It happened to be S week so Reese decided to have an impromptu show and tell with her Sister. It was very cute. Her teacher, who was Abby's teacher last year, asked her a few questions about kindergarten to share with the class. One of her responses was that at kindergarten the call the playground time "recess." She was too cute. Lastly we joined the Pony class on the playground before going home. It was a fun afternoon!

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Hilary Surratt said...

Your girls are too precious! This is so random, but I serve with your mother-in-law Roxie in the Nursery at seacoast church.

chelle said...

Love the piping too, think I will pull out some pique I have and whip one up too. hehe I like this pattern too but hate the hand work. Great job.