Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kindergarten Circus

Abby was so happy to be a part of the 14th Annual Pinewood Kindergarten Circus this year! What a huge production it is. The ringmaster is the headmaster of the school, he is so animated and funny. It was a great morning.

Abby got to be an Egyptian Dancer, it was too cute and I love any excuse to buy a new costume!

There were also tightrope walkers, dancing bears, strongmen, galloping pallaminos. It was a fun day and the kids were so cute, many of the teachers were dressed up too. It was a great finale just before Spring Break...I am sure that the teachers really needed it after that!

Abby was surprised by a visit for Great Grandma, she was so excited to see her and were so happy she could join us! Grandaddy, Reese, Kane and I all came!

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