Monday, March 28, 2011

Star Student

Reese is finally Star Student! She has been waiting patiently all year. This year they sent home a coloring sheet style form. Usually, I do their posters so that they look fancy. This year, I really didn't want to! I asked her the questions and let her and Abby color it. You know what? It's not perfect and creative but they had the best time doing it! Every square inch is colored and usually they don't finish a coloring sheet. Some of her answers were fun. It asked for 3 cool thing about her...the first thing she said was "I run like a CHEETAH!!!" That is just hilarious because she is soooo clumsy. :)

She said she was a star because... "I am helfy." (healthy)

When I grow up I want to be a ..."Ballerina Teacher"

I show others I car when... "I pick them up in a big hug when they get hurt"

A cool thing about me..."I like to count when I play hide and seek."

My favorite sport..."tennis" which she has never played ;) hehehe

Her favorite book..."Silverlicious"

Her favorite thing to do at home..."play with my dollhouse"

Her favorite thing to do at school..."play on the playground"

Favorite food..."pizza"

I ride to school in a..."golf cart"

I live in..."South Carolina"

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Mari said...

I love that she runs like a cheetah! Being the special kid of the week is always so much fun!