Friday, May 20, 2011

Class Projects

Here are the fun projects I made at the Lezette Thomason class a few weeks ago! This one Abby is wearing was drafted from a Children's Corner Lakelin and a Lillian. That is just crazy! It is quite twirly with the Lakelin skirt.

This was was a Carol with adjustment drafting to add the pin tucks and the pleats in the back. Then we learned how to do bobbin tucks where you don't use a top thread and we put the tatting on the collar and sleeves. The sleeves are different from the normal pattern too and so we did bias around the armholes. I love the pear sequins on the front. This is fro my niece Ansley and it fit her perfectly! I think Abby's will fit for quite some time, which is always nice.

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