Sunday, May 1, 2011

Some Sewing

Gingersnap's Tiered Sundress, without the tiers. This is such an easy dress to whip together. I made Reese's the morning of the egg hunt in about an hour and a half! I did the monogram, piping and all!

I like the direction changes on the stripe in Abby's, I got that idea from a magazine. I had all of these fabrics and supplies in my stash. I am trying to only use what I already own. I have some great stuff, but it is so hard to resist buying more. There is always something cuter arriving on the shelves.

This is Handmade's Miss Madeline, which I have made several times. This particular version I got in a kit a year ago from the market at a class I was taking. I cut it out last July to take to camp with me and just got around to making it. Good thing it is a forgiving style! I actually have one more thing I cut out for camp that I am going to try to put together this week. It's going to be very easy, I was just never inspired to what kind of applique to use!

This is a Children's Corner "Katie's Skirt." I made this out of scraps left from Reese's shoe Mary De. This is a great skirt to make with tiny pieces. You can't tell from the picture but it actually has 8 pieces for the outer layer. It also has a wide range of sizes and has pockets which the girls love so it is a great pattern to invest in. I also love how the golf cart applique turned out. I got that last year. The golf bag has a tiny A on it too. Reese liked it so much that she wore it to school one day too! They really can wear the same size right now.

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