Monday, June 27, 2011

Maddie's Tiered Sundress

Here is a project that I worked on for a friend recently. It is the same pattern that I used for the girl's Easter dresses. This is a fun pattern to make, after you think long and hard about cutting it out...MATH! It is by Gingersnaps.

It is a busy fabric so she didn't want a monogram, but I couldn't just leave the bodice blank!!! I liked this dotty a, to go along with the polka dots.

I wanted just a little something extra and love how this bias trim did the trick! I used a friend's tube turner to make a 3/4 inch tube and stitched it down with a long stitch in case it ever needs to be removed to drop the hem. I love the tube turner! I have used it on several different things in the last day or two. I guess I need to break down and spend the 40 bucks to get my own...

Used the tube turner on the sleep mask for the girls...their request!

And the button loop on this super fun dress! I will share it soon. :)

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Recent projects

I have certainly renewed my sewing bug in the last few weeks, I'm even doing a little sewing for friends which gives me the opportunity to work on things I might not make otherwise. Here is a dress I made for Abby, I started it in April! I have been wanting to try Gingersnaps "Sundress and Jumper" pattern since last year, so I pulled out some pink poly pique from my stash and gave it a whirl. As with all Gingersnaps patterns, I found that getting the right dimensions and cutting it out were a real brain workout. But after I got that part out of the way, construction was too easy. I definitely will make this again but next time will use a fabric that is stiffer.

Although I love to smock poly cotton pique it is just very flimsy and looks a little sloppy. This smocking plate is one I have used before, Lou Anne Lamar's Anne's shells. It has lot's of shells and I just used the sand dollar obviously. It would be easy enough to wing it for an experienced smocker I think.

I added some cream ric rac to the straps and doubled up on my buttons by putting these little shell flowers on top of plain white ones. I try to avoid buying buttons at all costs because they are expensive. The flower buttons were a favor at sewing retreat last year. I have used them on several projects so far.

This popover style is Bonnie Blue's "Sydney." I bought it in the winter and as I haven't been sewing much I finally got around to sewing it for my niece Ansley. I think it is a great style for any baby who is hard to fit because really you could make different sizes for the bottom, as well as adjust the elastic size.

I love the back too. This pattern was exceptionally easy and I recommend it for any beginner seamstress. An experienced sewer could whip this up in an hour. It is sized up to a 3, I wish the top were bigger as it would also be cute with shorts. For a thin child it might work for a 4 or 5. It is a roomy style. The buttons I used on this I had leftover from another project. Normally I would want pink but these were available and the perfect shade of yellow.

More coming soon! Birdie has been working up a storm! :)
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trip to the aquarium!

I am super thankful for our aquarium membership this hot summer! How nice it is to get out of the heat and do something for free! We have been at least every month since August when I signed up and it has been weel worth the money. They see something new everytime we go and I got discounts at the zoo and children's museum too.



Touch and feel tank, the best part!

Its rare to see the big see turtles in the ocean take much less this close! It was super fun. These pictures are all from my new android phone...I love it! so convenient.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Latest Fun Sewing

Here are the Children's Corner Ellen tunics. It is also a dress and can be worn as a jumper with a blouse under it. I loved this pattern and it is sized from a 3 to a 12 so it will be a good one for my girls as they are getting bigger. The top went together quickly and it was fun to make. The only downside is that there are so many pieces to cut out! The top bodice is lined but the skirt is not. I love these fabrics and could not decide which ones I wanted so that is why there are wearing different color ways. The leggings I purchased from They are so soft and their customer service is great. Love these outfits!

When I got home from Atlanta a few months ago, I brought home a new pack of Children's Corner doll clothes patterns. It's not available yet but I know that Sew 'n Sew has a few that she bought when we were there. I can't find it anywhere on the web and I remember Lezette saying it wasn't available anywhere yet. I could not wait to try them out and so I could start right away I enlisted the girls to help so that I could sew and spend time with them at the same time. It was lots of fun. I had them each pick outfits out of their closets that they would like to replicate and I showed them how to pin and cut them out. I set them up so that they could sew the straight lines and they really liked that they were sewing too!

They have target dolls instead of American Girls dolls so I need to make a few adjustments to the sizing. I thought the Lucy jumper Reese's doll has was way to short and the Ansley skirt that Abby picked out is really tight. I need to retrieve my American Girl Doll from my moms and see how it fits. The size adjustments are really easy and I made one for a birthday present for Abby's classmate the next weekend. It was so quick and a great way to use my scraps!

UPDATE!: I tried them on an American Doll, my Felicity that I have yet to hand down!, and it fits the same. So definitely add length to dresses and width to at least the skirt.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Ready for First Grade!

Abby had her K5 graduation a few weeks ago, it was such a wonderful ceremony. There were songs, diplomas and a never ending slide show... ;) We had really good seats because I sent Kane early. I definitely will do that again next year for Reese's graduation. I hope to have a better camera for next year. I bought a new one but it was so slow and the flash was horrible so I took it back. All the family went and we had a great time, I was grateful that they made it at 8:15am!!! We took the girls out to Cracker Barrel afterwards and then spent the day swimming at one of her class mate's houses. It was a great day!

The precious girls in Abby's class. I love that they wear white, it is so pretty. When I graduated high school from there we did the same thing.

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