Monday, June 6, 2011

Ready for First Grade!

Abby had her K5 graduation a few weeks ago, it was such a wonderful ceremony. There were songs, diplomas and a never ending slide show... ;) We had really good seats because I sent Kane early. I definitely will do that again next year for Reese's graduation. I hope to have a better camera for next year. I bought a new one but it was so slow and the flash was horrible so I took it back. All the family went and we had a great time, I was grateful that they made it at 8:15am!!! We took the girls out to Cracker Barrel afterwards and then spent the day swimming at one of her class mate's houses. It was a great day!

The precious girls in Abby's class. I love that they wear white, it is so pretty. When I graduated high school from there we did the same thing.

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