Friday, July 1, 2011

Sewing up a Storm

I have been sewing up a storm! Here is something I made for me. Because of the fabrics I had on hand, I decided to make a beach cover up. The pattern, which I found on, requires 3 yards for the size small that I made. I did it with 2.5 though. This was the only cut I had to meet the bill and not have kiddie stuff on it. It will also go nicely with my zebra bikini. ;) I have the pattern in kids sizes too so they will definitely be getting one for Fall. I want to make one into a dress to run around town in. To do that I will remove the vents completely as they go up to my hip and probably taper in the waist a little bit.

It went together very nicely, in about 2 hours not including the printing, pattern assembly and cutting. The pattern is a pdf and several hundred pages long. I highly recommend printing the directions 2 to a page. They are very, very detailed. I would say that a beginner would be safe to take on this project. I kept thinking about sewing for dummies as I turned the many, many pages of directions! It runs true to size, this small said 4-6 and I found it perfect in the shoulders.

Here is a super fun project that I made for a friend. I had Abby model it for me because a hanger simply did not do it justice! I made a similar one in the fall for Abby out of corduroy at sewing camp. It went together much easier this time because I remember what I did wrong the first time and I always go a little slower and use a lot more pins when I am sewing for other people. This is a lillian and I redrafted the pattern according to directions from a blog I found. The directions are easy to follow. I roll hemmed the ruffles in aqua and used my serger for the ruffling too. I never have gotten the hang of it before but this time was a dream. I jotted down all of the settings so I can do it next time!!! As long as I had to set the serger up for roll hemming...

I made a few extra ruffles for this doll dress to match! How cute is that?! I seriously wanted to keep it for myself! I redrafted the lucy pattern in the doll clothes patterns that I have been using recently. It wasn't too bad on a tiny pattern. I mentioned before that the patterns ran small on our Target dolls so I tried them on and American girl doll that I had at Mom's house. They fit the same. So if you happen to come by "More Dolly's Wardrobe Play Clothes," definitely add at least 1.5'' to the Lucy and 2'' in width to the skirt. The blouse I made seemed fine.

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Terri said...

I love your things. I think I need to go south and take some lessons from you!